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If society encouraged unhappy folk to commit legalized assisted suicide on demand, wouldn't all alive be happy?

If society encouraged unhappy folk to commit legalized assisted suicide on demand, wouldn't all alive be happy

A lot of people hate the society and world they are born into. But society says nothing will ever change because of human nature. So lets accept that libertarian free will etc.

Its a crime that we have a society that makes people want to commit suicide, but then we put barriers towards carrying out leading 80% of suicides to fail!

In urban areas it is hard to legally acquire guns and even if you go out-of-state, with no handgun experience the chance of failure is high. The only other option is jumping on train tracks which has a uncertain outcome. Failed suicides lead to serious injuries and one only gets one chance.

There is much about this current society that certain people might object to and not want to live in. But the worst criticism is that it does not provide easy access to suicide. Run the world how you want, but at least let those who don't like it to leave, don't make the world a prison.

So why not legalize assisted suicide on demand, not just for the ill but for all adults. A reasonable waiting period of 1-year would prevent impulsive decisions.

Legalized suicide could either be carried out by the state, after all if murders have the right to execution why not law-abiding citizens? Or carried out by regulated private enterprises. The only risk is that this could be used for murder. But far less risk than with guns or toxics that are now legal. And with the paper-trail and waiting period this would be the stupidest way to murder someone.

Isn't his all that is needed for utopia? Just de-stigmatize and availibilize suicide and all left alive will be by definition those who think their lives are worth living.

Yeah some people might make the wrong choice. But we americans LOVE individualism and personal choice and responsibility so much, so we have to let people make bad choices and suffer the consequences. Thats the price of freedom. Especially where it does not harm anyone. Emotional harm? A boss firing you emotionally harms you, as do plenty of other legal activities.

So lets say we have Futurama suicide booths. Whats the end result? Anyone unhappy does not have to live, and all those alive at least subjectively believe themselves to be happy.

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    Because people who make suicide attempts and live are often glad that they did not die, even when they have felt that way for a long time and continue to have difficulties. Also because these peoples friends and family members would most likely want them to live and not die and therefore rather that they get help.

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    ????? considering the fact that all of us studies the two thoughts, your suggestion would son bring about all of us committing suicide. hardly ever all people hates the society and worldwide they are born into. maximum love some issues, hate others. Society HAS replaced; it is many times changing. permit's face what? Uh, maximum people who prefer to devote suicide have momentary or treatable issues they don't be attentive to what to do approximately. as quickly as stored and helped, they are thankful for having been stored. as a substitute of basically having a waiting era, why no longer help the folk who request it, so that they are able to stay fortunately? that is not authentic that each and every unhappy individual needs to die; nor that all of us who does not prefer to die is chuffed. people who (think of they) prefer to die don't sense that way because of the fact they hate the society or worldwide they are born into, the two. many that hate particular issues artwork to make issues extra beneficial. very virtually each and every thing you're basing this on is fake.

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