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I need help with wearing a Jilbab and loose clothes?

So I wear really really western clothes like Jeggings - tight tops - Skinny jeans - Make-up

and stuff like that. My mum doesn't allow me to wear a Jilbab or a Niqab even though I've never

asked, she disapproves. But my dad doesn't mind. I just can't wear a Jilbab it makes me feel ugly.

But I feel like I should start wearing it, i'm 12 btw. But I just can't! I like wearing western clothes.

Its make me feel beautiful. So, don't know what to do!

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    lol i wanna wear jilbab too...i knw what you mean some jus look so dull but some are really nice if i do start to wear i will jazz it up like long necklaces, braclets, colour hijab and shoes. etc heres one u prob dont see many people wear...

    OR if you just want wanna be hijab friendly try this site shows you how to dress in western clothes but modestly too. i love this lady!

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    I agree completely with 'the thinker' !

    First of all sis I think you are doing right, forget people who say you're too young becuase I don't think you are at all. I am like you I am very westernised in fashion, I just spent too much time trying to 'fit in' when I was young but now I am so used to it I find it hard to change. I am definitelyy working on it and Inshallah reaaaly want to leave this westernised lifestyle behind and become more me, a muslimah. Pleaaaaase do not make the same mistake as me, 12 is young but a perfect age for you to set straight you path because what you do now will influence your future so much. Do as the thinker said, take things slow change 1 thing at a time and inshallah soon enough you will take up the Hijab. I am doing the same, May Allah help us both! I wish I had the same thinking when I was 12.

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    If you have absolutely beautiful skin forget the make up! Do you wear a hijab? I mean I ofcourse wear western clothes XD All the time always skinny jeans for me! Tight tops! But I cover my tight top with a baggy jumper! It's fine just cover your body but when you're 15 you should forget about wearing stuff like that! But Allah would prefer for you to be wearing a Jilbab but if you wish to please Allah in a way and wear a Jilbab for yourself or for Allah or both! Then do so! I mean you could always do what some people I know do they wear normal clothes when they are out with friends! Or of course at home but when with family or out with family wear religous sorts of clothing! Give it a try (: Even if your mother disapproves say that yo uwant to please Allah you want to do this for Allah and you should be encouraging me to do so! And just wear one even if she disapproves she cannot control how you dress! It is your life after all but of course if she tells you to take it off. Well you must Allah doesn't want you to disobey your parents! But if you really do want to don't do it (: I mean Allah might be testing you in a way if she tells you to get it off. So maybe try and give it ago!

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    Your only 12, you don't need to wear a jilbab now.

    First step should be wearing a hijab & modest clothing, then whenever your ready, wear a jilbab. Western clothes make me feel like I am trying too hard, like I'm no different to a disbeliever. I would feel a whole lot better wearing a jilbab, if I was allowed.


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    don't force yourself into something which you might take off later on. if you wear very western outfits, use the 'go-slo' idea and make one item of clothing more islamic at a time. not only is it easier for everyone around you to adjust it also prevents freak-outs from folks who disapprove of jilbab. you are at a young age and i congratulate you for having the feeling to dress appropriately. once u start dressing modestly, make sure it doesn't become a yo-yo ride due to peer pressure and influence over u looking 'ugly'.

    Source(s): i was a completely westernized, became overnight hijaabi, then overnight westernized, now finally stable hijaabi. the yo-yo ride was from family n friends who mocked my sudden change. my mum still argues with me over looking ugly and matronly with jilbab, but i tell her i feel more comfortable when i think about death and judgement day when i will face Allah and answer to Him about my modesty
  • Assalamu'alaykum.

    Youre 12, if you have reached the age of puberty you should be covering.

    The first thing you need to do is read more Quran and strengthen your faith.

    Having a negative attitude towards jilbab and hijab will not help you wear them, you need to open up your heart to the beauty of islam.

    Western clothes are not beautiful.

    Abaya and hijab are beautiful.

    Insha'Allah Allah will guide you.

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    Why don't you do as some moslem women in civilised countries and wear western clothing, wear makeup, but just wear a had scarf losely over the head.

    It will be enough of a political statement to let the world know you're moslem, but still allow you to remain fashionable.

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    False beauty

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    Your 12. It is YOUR choice on WHEN to wear it!

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    Don't, just put in the dustbin.

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