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What the heck is Donnie Walsh thinking?

I read that if Lebron doesnt go to NY, he is gonna sign and trade David Lee to Golden State for Randolph, Turiaf, and Azubuike (spelling?). Why not keep David Lee and move Amare to center since the Knicks obviously plan on going uptempo at the expense of defense? At any rate, why not get something good in return for Lee? Turiaf hasnt played much the past couple of years, while Randolph is an unproven player with attitude issues. The only really good piece they are getting is Azubuike who is a great athlete, who can play some defense. I am no Knicks fan, but am I the only one who is wondering if Donnie Walsh is quite the genius everyone says he is?


Some people think it is a cap related move, but even so, that does not mean that Tony Parker or Carmelo are going to sign with New York next year.

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    Well as a Warriors fan I think both teams win here. Randolph has so much potential, he can really play. He's actually 7'0'' and can handle the ball, extremely athletic and fun to watch. Turiaf is a really good hustle player and defender/shot blocker. He always brings energy even though he is limited offensively. And I love Azubuike, he is one of the hardest working players out there. From the D-League to averaging 15 points per game. He is a very underrated 3 point shooter and is a decent defender. He always hustles

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    , look what he does there. Those are great guys to have for D'Antoni's system.

    Lee on the other hand is perfect for the Warriors. He can rebound and do the pick and roll with Steph Curry. Plus with Amare in NYC, Lee doesn't need to be there anymore.

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