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why do yankees and red sox fans act like they're above the rest of the fans in baseball?

please dont act like this doesnt exist, i would prefer for fans of the two steroid infected teams not to answer. they act like they don't like the media attention they receive when they know they do, they act like they are above the world and that it is a privilege and necessity for them to be in mlb when honestly they are the two most hated teams in baseball.

all the fans can say all the right things they want, its all a facade.

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    You're right.

    I am a Yankee fan. Have been every year since 1947.

    But I followed the Eastern Decisions of both leagues and rooted for them to win if the Yanks did not.

    Red Sox, Tigers and Indians in the American league.

    Phillies, Giants and Dodgers, plus Cardinals in the NL--even after the Giants, Dodgers and Boston Braves moved out, etc.

    I can't explain why I think like that. But I like ballplayers from every club.

    Yet both teams you named act as if they were in another dimension!

    I have to agree--you're right to resent their attitude.

    I want to see more parity in overall salary available among teams. A great manager

    can make a difference too; but baseball has to be determined on the field,

    not in some banker's vault.

    Thanks for asking.

    Star coming.

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    A little jealous that the Mets don't get enough attention? Don't worry, if they collapse again like they did in 2007 and 2008, you'll get all the attention you deserve.

    Yankees and Red Sox fans are always bragging because the team they root for actually wins.

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    There are unpleasant fans of all teams. I know, I've seen them. Because the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is the biggest, most heated, and most televised in sports, yes, you do see more of them. Fans tend to be very serious about it. But hey there are also great fans of either team too. I'm a Yanks fan, and hey I'll jeer at a Sox fan, but I'm not an asshole. And I've met Sox fans who are great. What I'm saying is it comes down to person to person.

    Why are you bringing steroids into it? Steroids happened all around baseball in more clubhouses than just those two. In this discussion it's irrelevant.

    They're hated due to jealousy: they're successful winning well-run franchises. Owners of smaller clubs tend to pocket the revenue and not reinvest into the team, i.e. signing better players and coaches, making good trades, keeping the ballpark nice, etc. It all comes down to money. Baseball is a business. It's a cycle: Team does well, more people come to watch and buy food and merchandise, and more money to sign better players. And on the contrary, team sucks, less people come, no money for better players. It's not always that predictable, but that's the logic, and 99% of the time it DOES work. Proof? Just look.

    Want to support your team? Stop crying about the Yanks and Sox and buy some merchandise.

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    Because they have been brought up that way and told there two teams are the only ones in mlb practically. Although I find the Rude fans tend to be the bandwagon fans and this holds true with the Yankees and Red sox about 90% of the time.

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    Bandwagon fans come off like that. Real Yankees and Red Sox fans don't. Real baseball fans study the game and don't brag about their teams success. Look at The Mick 7 who is a regular here. He is the biggest Yankee fan I know yet he is a very objective baseball fan first. Your statement doesn't apply to everyone.

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    Red Sox Nation endured losing, a lot. For that reason alone we only gloat about being loyal, unlike bandwagon Yankees "fans". Any attempt at reeling in a big free agent usually resulted in Monopolyman Steinbrenner bidding higher to keep a Bartolo Colon from coming here or signing huge commodities they didn't need(ARoid/Texithole). Please don't give me that privileged crap, most of the 07 roaster were farm guys breed in Pawtucket even Beckett and Lowell who came here via Hanley Ramirez trade.

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    I know. They need to get it together and face the fact that both teams are the biggest cheaters in baseball.

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    Why so much Red Sox/Yankees hate today? There's a lot more than usual...

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    1st) yankees rock

    2nd)Red sock suck

    3rd) The Mets suck

    4th) You're jealous of the Yankees

    5th) Just bc one guy uses steriods doesnt mean the whole team should be hated

    6th) Booh--Hoo, enough about the fans...My team rocks your boat

    Source(s): I don't care about the thumbs down. Bring it on.
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    Becuase they win?

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