middle school,middle school,middle school?

haha it's me agian and i just wanted to knw sumthin...as u all knw im about to start middle school and i wanna make a great first impression.....i wanna know wat jewelry should i buy,what shoes i should buy,what i should bring ( like a cell phone ,camera) and what to expect.....pleaze answer soon



im not trying to be a poser......i just like to be in on watz cute to wear in middle school....even though we have to wear uniform.......and im tryin to empress no one i was just asking

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  • 10 years ago
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    Be your self nobody likes a poser or something that you are not.

  • 5 years ago

    Experiencing the first day was really awkward at first, but I ended up making a friends within the first 20 minutes, so I was okay! To be honest, I don't think u should care about what brand of shoes and clothes to buy. U will be liked for who u are!

    For the clothes, my favorite clothes are from JCPenny lol but it's the best seriously quality clothes for a good price. If u want name brand clothes but they r too expensive, try finding some at a consignment shop. I got a cute pair or Miss Me's there!

  • Evelyn
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    4 years ago

    Were I live, a lot is different. People are a lot more mature. They wear a lot of the same clothes, and the food is better because you can go wherever cause you don't have to stay on campus. I find that alot less people get picked on because everyone is starting to mature but even in my middle school people didnt get bullied, you really just talked about people behind their back. Alot more kids are having sex, but i wouldnt worry about that. Lame middle school dating when your friends force you to hold hands is pretty much over. Relationships are more serious. Going to high school is a big change but trust me, High School is sooooo much better than Middle School!

  • 10 years ago

    Well i never really had a plan going to middle school it sorta just happened. I wear a uniform but if i had to choose i would just go for something that shows off who I am on the inside and it doesnt mean brand name.. Just be yourself..whether it be artistic, sporty or jus fun to hang out with trust me i found that when i was just being myself that there are people out there just like me and you just gotta find them.. enroll into some clubs you are interested in and not necessarily what will look good or anything because it's not stayin true to yourself. You can try different styles but just have fun cuz this is what middle school is about preparing you for highschool and finding yourself! =] KEEP JEWELRY SIMPLE! AND MAKEUP SUBTLE ! u dnt want to look like well a diva

    edit: oh you wear a uniform? oh then jus try and keep it simple and find something to express who u are like maybe designing ur book covers or just something! =] i wear a uniform too and what i do well nothing really jus let your personality speak for itself...always gonna be some1 who doesnt like it...


    i hope this helps

    Source(s): im 13! =] and wear a uniform
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  • NM
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    10 years ago

    Why- whom are you trying to impress? The other students?

    You probably don't really care, but from a middle school teacher's point of view- a great first impression would be a student who is attentive and asks legitimate questions about the classes.

    Uh-oh- I can feel the "thumbs down" now...

  • 10 years ago

    Ok...... Alwayz have a smile and talk to everyone the first day of school. Buy any type of jewelary you want. Buy coach or nike and celluar phone is a most and camera is optional ( kids might steal electronics).

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