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Those Darn Conversions Again?

I need help converting some numbers but this is not my thing.I have an item that has a diameter of 3/16" and inside of that is another item that has a diameter of 3/64"(think of a tube inside a tube) Anyway I need to replace the inner item with new but the items I'm looking at is in mm.I need to know if a 1.5mm item will fit inside of the 3/16" item.Yes? No? THANKS!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Google has a built in converter. Just convert everything to mm (or to inches if you prefer).

    Just type this into google:

    3/16 inch in mm

    Google will reply

    (3/16) inch = 4.7625 millimeters

    Then type into google:

    3/64 inch in mm

    Google will reply:

    (3/64) inch = 1.190625 mm

    Now, since 1.5 mm is more than 1.19 mm you are replacing the inner tube with something larger than before, but since 1.5 mm is less than 4.76 mm it is still smaller than the outer tube. Of course, what you really need to know is whether the outer diameter of the inner tube is smaller than the inner diameter of the outer tube and you have not specified those dimensions.

    Source(s): google calulator
  • 1 decade ago

    3/16" = 4.76 mm (2 dec. pl.) so the new 1.5 mm item will easily fit inside.

    3/64" = 1.19 mm (2 dec. pl.) so new item is slightly larger than old one.

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