Tap Tap Revenge 3 Online question? 10pts GUARANTEED?

I play this on my iPhone. When I play online, even if I perfect the song, other people's scores are 100k higher than mine (???) Yes I even activate 8x... but can you activate 16x? If so, how?

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  • ChrisP
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    10 years ago
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    Are you playing in rooms with weapons on? Remember people will use the weapons against you to stuff up, which can affect your score.

    When you hit a note, it will be either green, orange or red, judging by the time you hit it

    Green means you have a perfect tap, you hit it right in time with the beat, and get full points for that tap

    Orange means you have an average tap and u get only some points for that tap

    Red means you have missed the tap and you get no points for that tap

    Now if you go through the whole song with a perfect full combo, you may not be hitting EVERY single note perfectly (the green shows you have a perfect tap). This is where it comes down to skill and get in perfect line with the beast to be able to get every single tap in the green.

    I often win songs because I'm able to hit every single tap in the green with songs, even by a few points.

    Kind of hard to explain, I hope this makes sense :)

    Just make sure all the taps are green when you hit them, and you should be good. I avoid rooms with weapons enabled, I prefer the old way where you win with skill and no weapons.

    It also depends if you play in weapon-enabled rooms, which like I said, I dont.

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