How to set up home lan

I have 2 pc at home, pc A connected to the broadband and printer, pc B connected to the router. PC A uses Windows 7. PC B uses Windows XP. I tried using the wizard to set up Home Lan but failed. I can't see the network neighbour. My purpose is to share the printer. Can anyone help?

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  • Lee
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    1 decade ago
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    You should connect both PC to the LAN port of your router.

    Than at both computer, right click on MY COMPUTER,select properties, check the network name, the WORKGROUP name must be the same. Computer name should be different and take a note of that.

    Say your PC 1 (which the printer is directly connected to), called PC1, you than go to printer settings and right click your printer, select SHARE and give it a name (say PRINTER).

    Then at PC 2, when adding a printer, enter \\PC1\PRINTER as the printer name.

    For your broadband modem output, the LAN cable should connect to the ROUTER's WAN port. setup your router's connection type (PPPoE or Dynamic) and both PC should be able to use internet.

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