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1. What makes a good English teacher for young learner?

2. If your students don't speak English in English class, what will you do?

3. How do yo motivate young learners in learning English?

4. Under what conditions are you going to talk your boss to ask for a salary raise?

5. What is communicative language teaching?

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    1. I believe a good teacher for young learners must have one very important quality, paitience. Without such a characteristic, the teacher would get frustrated and give the kids a bad impression. Thus, the children will not be willing to listen and participate in class.

    2. If my students do not use english in an english class, then I will encourage them to in various ways such as play games that require them to come up with sentences using vocabulary words that I have listed out for them. At times, I can ask the students to read a passage out loud to the class and that may help them feel more comfortable to use the english language in class.

    3. One very effective way to motivate young learners is reward. When they participate in class I would reward the students with say candy or maybe extra points to boost their grades.

    4. I would not ask for a raise unless I am doing more than what I am paid for. Maybe when I take over afterschool tutoring and such that I would ask my boss for a raise.

    5. communucative language teaching in my opinion is where you teach your students though speaking and much less writing. The word communication itself is to talk to one another.

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