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在漫長的職業生涯,不求自己現在的表現就達到百分百,因為如此才能有更進一步的學習與成長空間,但對於每份工作,期望自己在可以努力完成被付予的使命與任務;我肯吃苦、肯學習,抗壓性高,如果我能有機會進入 貴公司,必定會以全心全力,締造最完美的成果。

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  • 10 years ago
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    I am a sincere, businesslike and responsible, good team cooperation in communication and coordination, Hi tranquilizing, willing to accept challenges and pressures, no bad habits and the physical health of people, would like to thank my parents for my culture and education. My family has a total of four members, my father was working as a technician Corporation, mother to the dining room when permanent counter service personnel, sister as the professor's Assistant Secretary, and happiness. Since parents are democratic communication ways education me in caring, secure and healthy living environment, thus bringing my independence, proactive and responsible attitude towards life.

    Attending Shou University mechanical and automation engineering, I'm trying to learn a variety of knowledge, but also actively participate in community activities, and therefore overall rather be looking at, but also attention to the small details. At the same time in the learning process, I also get a lot of neither, and retreat with valuable experience. Because you want to develop yourself early independent features, on the other hand, in order to reduce the burden on the family, so I was at school during their work. In addition, I believe that responsibility is the most important, but also because the responsibility prompted me to continue to grow and learn. But a soldier is on most of the boys of the process, but a soldier of the disciplined life let me self-discipline and management have a deeper level of understanding, but also learn the importance of the subject; in is about to enter the workplace now, I believe that no matter what kind of work, the most important thing is their own devotion, responsibility, and a willing to learn, so I have forward and prepare to meet the challenge.

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    In the highly competitive era, perhaps my experience slightly less, but I do have a very positive attitude, positive work full of ideals and aspirations.

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