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How much do CakeBoss cakes cost?

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    Cake Boss Cake Prices

    The bakery recommends that you call or go into the bakery and talk with them to get an idea what the price range may be. If the price range sounds like it is within your budget, then schedule an appointment so that you can plan exact needs for your occasion. That will be the best way to get an estimate on the cake prices.

    Buddy and his team make traditional and unique cakes, as well as other bakery creations for all types of special occasions. These occasions include weddings, bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen, communion, baptisms, christening, engagements, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversaries and retirement. Carlo's Bakery has made a name for themselves and have become very popular.

    Prices for a wedding or speciality cake is not set on an exact price schedule, due to fact that many of their bakery creations are made for a client's particular request. On the company's website at you will be to find a few of their pricing parameters. They state that it is advisable to book an appointment for a cake consultation. For wedding cake appointments it is recommended that your appointment be booked three weeks before the appointment date, and plan to come in approximately 6 to 8 months before your special occasion. There is a $100 fee for the appointment, which includes cake samples and beverages. The $100 consultation fee will be deducted from your total cake order.

    In general, prices for wedding and specialty cakes, with basic butter cream will start at $8.00 per person and go up from that price. For prospective customers who are looking for a cake that was featured in a magazine, you can plan on a $12.00 to $18.00 per person price per range. If you add unique design requests and creative artwork to your cake order, the price will go up.

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    Cake Boss Cake Prices

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    Cake Boss Prices

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    A regular bakery charges $6-8 per person for a simple wedding cake--one with buttercream slapped on it, some piped rosebuds, and some piped out squiggles. So for a small wedding cake--to feed 100--you'd pay $600-800. A work of art, with fondant, hand painting, sculpting, etc--that's much larger? I'd be willing to bet some of his cakes go for several thousands, especially considering the area he works out of. No. Jersey is extremely high priced in everything

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    it cost about million bucks hahahaha

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