Where do the Pokemon movies fit in between episode?

I was wondering if anyone could give me a complete list of the pokemon movies in between the correct episodes like episode xxx, the origin of mewtwo, episode xxy. Thank you and if you don't have complete list of movies check out serebii.net.

Thank you and please help quickly!

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    So I put the info in the format you wanted, and in addition to the episode number, I put the episode name after in in parenthesis. Also, AG stands for the Advanced Generation and DP stands for the Diamond and Pearl series. Hope this helps!

    Episode 67 (The Pi-Kahuna), Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, Episode 68 (Make Room for Gloom)

    Episode 105 (Charizard Chills), Pokemon the Movie 2000: The Power of One, Episode 106 (The Pokemon Water War)

    Episode 155 (The Forest Grumps), Pokemon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown, Episode 156 (The Psychic Sidekicks)

    Episode 205 (The Kecleon Caper), Pokemon 4Ever: Celebi: Voice of the Forest, Episode 206 (The Joy of Water Pokemon)

    Episode 256 (Just Add Water), Pokemon Heroes, Episode 257 (Lapras of Luxury

    AG Episode 34 (Having a Wailord of a Time), Jirachi: Wish Maker, AG Episode 25 (Win, Lose, or Drew!)

    AG Episode 85 (Sky High Gym Battle), Destiny Deoxys, AG Episode 86 (Lights, Camerupt, Action)

    AG Episode 134 (A Real Cleffa-Hanger), Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, AG Episode 135 (Numero Uno Articuno)

    AG Episode 183 (Aipom and Circumstance), Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, Episode 184 (Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!)

    DP Episode 39 (Steamboat WIllies), The Rise of Darkrai, DP Episode 40 (Top-Down Training)

    DP Episode 86 (Arriving in Style!), Giratina and the Sky Warrior, DP Episode 87 (The Psyduck Stops Here!)

    DP Episode 135 (Beating the Bustle), Arceus and the Jewel of Life, DP Episode 136 (Hustle and Gateway to Ruin!)

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    Lights Camerupt Action

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    10 years ago

    Usually Season Finales check the pokemon teams ash has and if its the same as the episode team we know which era it is. Hope I helped.

    Source(s): Watch it all the time and play it
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