San Diego residents...please help?

Is there a way to get from Omni hotel in San Diego to the San Diego zoo via bus or something like that? I will be there without a car, and I would really like to go to the zoo. But that would be at least an hour of walking.

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    Hello, I got your e-mail to answer this question, so I hope this helps!

    The good news is, if you want to go by public transportation you're in a really good spot. The trolley station is across the street from the hotel. This is the Gaslamp Quarter Station, across the street from the Convention Center. Find a ticket box at the station and buy a $5 all-day pass; some machines are older and don't take fives, so bring five ones. Also, if you're going to be using the Metro Transit throughout your stay, you could consider getting a Month pass card ($72) or 14-day pass ($43) at a Transit Store or a Vons. ( )

    Hop on the trolley labeled "Orange Line" with Gillespie Field as its destination - you'll see this on the trolley itself on the front car, and the info boards hanging above the waiting area. It will be the trolley heading North. If there's enough space, try and hop in the last trolley car in the back (there's two cars) because you'll be closer to the place you need to walk to for the next transfer. It's not far, but if you don't know the area it will at least save a minute or two of directional confusion. .

    Ride until the City College Station. You'll know you're there by the signs you can view out the window, or take a look at trolley maps above windows and near the doors. When you hop off the trolley, head in the direction of the Cricket store on the corner, across the street from Jack in the Box. Also, if you're hungry, do NOT go in that Jack in the Box... it's not... the cleanest or the safest. And in my experience they never get orders right anyway.

    Now that you're by the Cricket store, you'll see a bus stop. Hop on the number 7, and slip your day pass into the pass reader in the ticket box, or show the driver your pass. (Showing it to the driver is faster... I don't even know why the ticket boxes have that feature.) **Before you sit down** ask the driver to let you know when you're at the San Diego Zoo stop. It's part of their job to help people find the right place to get off, and you're sure to not be the only one trying to find the Zoo. Take a seat near the front if you can so you can hear the driver (they have an intercom but you can never actually hear anything).

    Then you'll ride past City College (oh heyyyyy my school! Hi!) and up into Balboa Park. Hop off when the driver announces the Zoo (say "thanks," they love that) and the Zoo will be across the street! The Zoo ticket booth is to the right of the entrance.

    Phew!! That was a long one, wasn't it?! But I want to give you a couple more tips:

    1. Pick up bus/trolley maps at stations/transit stores/and on buses or go online at and look at the maps.

    2. Google Maps is handy for finding bus directions. Click "Get Directions" and click the trolley symbol.

    Okay that's it! Have fun and welcome to San Diego!

    Source(s): I live here and meander about Downtown/Balboa Park all the time, PLUS I frequent the mass transit. You could not have emailed a better person to answer this question!! Cheers!
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    Some hotels have trip packages, check with the concierge. They can probably answer your bus route question better. You might end up taking the trolley and transfering to the bus. Enjoy yourself, pick out what you really want to see at the zoo and hit those first, it's too big to see everything in one day!

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    you'll have to walk up to Broadway (8 blocks, about 1/2 mile) to catch the 7 (east/north bound) but it runs every 15 minutes or so. it's worth getting a daily pass for the bus (you ask for one when you get on the bus) if you plan on making even one stop or transfer. $5 for the day. the 7 will drop you off at the zoo entrance.

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    I think you can take the 7 over there...or you can call the zoo and ask how to get there by bus.

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