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Kes asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Is my recruiter just using a tactic?

I went to the Army recruiter today with my mind set on becoming an officer as I'm just about to finish my Bachelor's degree, and I've had my mind set on the military since I graduated from High School. (My parents really had to convince me to wait till after I got my degree)

Anyway, I get there, and it seems the entire session, all he's doing is telling me how full everything because there's a recession and how most people who want to join just aren't getting in. He of course tells me to forget about OCS and just go enlisted (yeah, typical) and go for Active instead of Reserve because all his friends hate reserve and want to get out of it.

I've been to recruiters before (after High School), and I must say this guy's tactics threw me off, and made me just want to give up on the entire thing after all. I'm not going to, but still. Do you think this is just a tactic to get me into Active Enlisted or is there a lot of truth. I'm not even sure how good of a candidate I would be, so I'm kind of worrying that he might not just be yanking my chain. I got a 97 on the ASVAB out of High School (I'm going to have to take it again), and I have a 3.0 GPA with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology (basically a pre-med degree). He said he had a guy with a 99 on the ASVAB who wasn't getting in.

I think I'm just going to keep pushing for Officer Reserve (since I want to go through Graduate School), even though the enlisted jobs looked awesome.


I would actually love to go Active, but my mom is already going insane about it, and I have a girlfriend that would probably break up with me if I did. She was really shaken up and crying when I just said I was going to join the Reserves. :P

Update 2:

Thanks guys! Like I said, I would LOVE to go Active, but I'm mainly going for reserves to ease my parents and gf's mind. I'm not afraid of being shipped off, but I would like to enjoy the greater amount of freedom that reservists have when not deployed to use for work and getting my advanced degrees.

And yeah, no convictions, clear record, in very good shape, no medical issues, and I want to serve my country. I hope to go active later on, after I have my degree also.

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    Your Army recruiter is not getting paid to get you into OCS but getting paid and is getting evaluated by his commanding NCO and Officers on his/her ability to fill quotas. The Army, as well as other branches, have to fill quotas each month. They have a target number and thats all they care about. So your recruiter, if you walked in off the street, has to get qualified people into the Army as enlisted soldiers. They care little about getting soldiers into OCS. This is not their mission. The Army does separate recruiting for OCS. I bet the recruiter fell off his seat when he saw that you had a college degree! LOL. Recruiters have a problem in that they get a lot of people off the street that have convictions, are overweight, don't score well on ASVAB. You are a recruiters dream! College educated, probably no convictions, young and educated. You would be a prime candidate to become an Non Commissioned Officer. Many NCOs have college degrees or are on their way to earning their degrees, its almost a must for serious promotion. You presented yourself as a no problem recruit that would have made their month when they saw you! LOL

    What you need to do is go to this website. This one is unofficial for OCS candidates: Lots of discussion forums, news, information on OCS.

    Second, there is an enlistment option where you enlist first then you go on to apply for OCS. I recommend this option only if you truly love the Army. The Army is based upon status, like all organizations. Having more military training will help your status when you become an Officer. Its best you show up with some schools behind you like Basic, Airborne school, etc when you get to your first platoon assignment. You will get more respect that way. When you go back to your recruiter ask for, in your contract the Army's Enlistment Program 9D. You can ask for a guarantee of attending OCS in your contract. If they say no move on to the next recruiting station in your town until you get this in writing. Also, times change and laws change so if you hear the same things call the Army and find out yourself.

    Lastly, if your trying to join the Reserves because you don't want to go full time or go to war your kidding yourself. There is no such thing as Reserves only duty. When you join the Army, reserves or otherwise there is no distinction. Most of all of our wars have been mostly fought by reservists. Yes thats right Reservists, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army is the Army! Also, I advise going active duty. Why? Because if you go active you get a chance to go to all the army specialty schools like Airborne school, Rangers, if you go infantry. Reserve soldiers that lack these specialty schools get less respect. If your girlfriend is crying over your decision then its time, maybe to say hasta la vista baby!

    Source(s): Former enlisted soldier and former Army Special Ops Officer. Now Professor of History
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  • AD
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    1 decade ago

    OCS is actually easier to get into while you're active duty than it is while you're coming straight off of the street. That doesn't mean you can't do it, but some people find it easier getting recommended by their commander than trying to pass the USAREC board. Right now jobs in the military in general are filling up. We are putting people in jobs for the next fiscal year because of the jobs for this fiscal year being filled up.

    As for going active, that's entirely up to you. But at the same time, you shouldn't make your decision because of your girlfriend threatening to break up with you. She should support you either way you go and if she doesn't then chances are she would have eventually broke up with you anyway. I've seen girlfriends stick with their man through multiple deployments and I've seen girls break up over being apart for a week.

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  • shroud
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    1 decade ago

    1 active is way better then reserves

    2 lots of officers were enlisted first, it does make them better at their job

    3 you can go to school while in the Army

    4your ASVAB score requirement changes with what jobs you try for so yes a 99 mite not make it for some jobs

    if you go reserves you can go active later but your first year or so of active will not go well as you will have to get out of the reserves mode ( way of thinking and doing things)

    5 hope this helped

    Source(s): retired Army, Army Guard, Army reserves.
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  • 1 decade ago

    he right bout there being less jobs cuz the recession.... they met the recuiting quota for this army year... (Oct-Sept) last army year. just go for what u want... When u go to MEPS, the people there will be 100% honest bout what u can do, but till then just push for your goal.

    Source(s): 261st Ordnance Company US Army
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