Does the state make/help you find a job if you are on unemployment?

My husband is recieving unemployment and he is having a hard time finding a job. He has applied to many places he even got his CNA certification in hopes of finding a job easier. Ya right, it is almost impossable to ind a job. We live in Fort Myers, Florida terrible place to look for work. He does get unemployment but we are tired of if. Is there any help or resources we can use from the unemployment office to help him find a job. I am not sure if there any programs they offer or anything like that to get a job. Any advice or thoughts would be nice it has been almost 4 months now since he was laid off from his previous job. We don't know what else to do.

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As far as I am concerned the unemployment has been further extended past the initial 26 weeks. All I wanted to know if there was any programs to help him we only have so many resources I thought maybe they could give a list of maybe they had job fairs that I didn't know about.

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WE WANT TO GET OFF UNEMPLOYMENT!! Sheesh! We are looking for help, more than most others can say.

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*****I posted a question in another category and got terrible answers. I am just honostly looking for any kind of help or resources to use to help my husband find a job. We have tried tons of online websites,, ALOT of places told him to go apply online and wouldnt give him an application. We even resorted to Mmcdonalds blahhh. I mean he has almost 2 years in college he isnt a low life. We have a huge list of places he has applied and he calls several of them a day to check on the status most of the time the position has been filled. Does anyone have any tricks or anything the state of florida may offer to help us.

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    The state of Florida does offer training in various industries and will even subsidize going back to school to learn a new trade (does not apply to everyone). He should contact the local unemployment office.

    I feel for you. I am in a similar boat in S Fl. It's tough. I talked to a person about one position and they had over 1000 resumes for that one position. Tell him try Linkedin. ( It is a career networking site.

    Good luck (and ignore the haters). Most of them are kids who live at home.

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    try to look here not sure if this helps good luck

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