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what planes does southwest airlines have?

im a huge plane fanatic and i saw a Shamus's boeing 747 on google images and i thought they only used 737 so do they

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    Southwest currently operates 541 Boeing 737 jets (as of March 31, 2010):

    737-300 (173), 737-500 (25), 737-700 (343)

    * The Company’s fleet has an average age of approximately 10.5 years.

    * The average aircraft trip length is 633 miles with an average duration of one hour and 54 minutes.

    * Southwest aircraft fly an average of 6.5 flights per day, or almost 12 hours and 15 minutes per day.

    * Southwest was the launch customer for the Boeing 737-700 in 1997. Southwest was also a launch customer for the Boeing 737-500 and -300 series aircraft.

    * Southwest recently completed updating its original color scheme of gold, red and orange paint with the addition of Canyon Blue. Three Next-Generation Boeing 737 aircraft will continue flying with a commemorative livery of Desert Gold to honor the carrier’s original three cities—Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

    * Performance-enhancing Blended Winglets have been added to our fleet of 737-700s, and all new 737-700 aircraft arrive from Boeing with Blended Winglets installed. Additionally, Southwest began installation of Blended Winglets on some of our 737-300 aircraft in early 2007. Approximately 90 -300 aircraft have been retrofitted with Blended Winglets as of the end of third quarter 2009; an additional 12 -300 aircraft are expected to be retrofitted by mid-2010.

    * Southwest tested Wi-Fi on four of our airplanes, and in late 2009, we made the decision to begin installing satellite-delivered broadband from our Wi-Fi provider, Row 44, on the rest of our fleet. We currently estimate that our entire fleet will be Wi-Fi enabled in the first half of 2012.

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    What Planes Does Southwest Fly

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    Southwest Airlines has:

    Boeing 737-300 (733)

    Boeing 737-500 (735)

    Boeing 737-700 (73G)

    No, they don't have 747's.

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    well you must board very early because there is no assigned seating (two ladies were calling each other a ***** because they wanted the same seat). Drinks, you only get like 1/4 a cup so bring something of your own, and they only give you a small bag of mini pretzels, no entertainment in the cabin, but the flight attendants are humorous. We once landed in Austin quite roughly i thought the landing had broken off, and the stewardess was telling a few jokes and another time a steward was singing a song for the little toddies on board because the flight was called back for the brakes to be changed, which by the way took .5 an hour.Don't get me wrong, they are good, just make sure you bring a book, some drinks, and a sandwich and board early, you don't want to be caught in a SWA 737-700 brawl now would you?!

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    what planes does southwest airlines have?

    im a huge plane fanatic and i saw a Shamus's boeing 747 on google images and i thought they only used 737 so do they

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    Southwest 747

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    Southwest flies Boeing 737s exclusively. The photo you saw was either another airline or digitally modified. There are several Southwest 737s with the Shamu paint job, though.

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    Bare bones baby! They also have no assigned seating which can lead to some interesting brwls to get on the plane and while you are jokeying for good seats. Only inconvienent if traveling with a large group, it can be hard to find seats together. Here's a huge tip, you can register or check in up to 24 hours in advance, and you get assigned a boarding pass and group. It is first come first serve. if you wait until the airport, you'll get in the last group and get the worst seats. You may also get bumped, because Southwest overbooks by 25% and last come first bumped!

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    They have the Boeing 737-300, 737-500, and the 737-700.

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    I'm not completely sure about this

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