contemporary dance..?

I want to do contemporary dance but I have very little dance experience. I did tap/jazz/ballet when I was about 6-8. I am now almost 14. Could i still do it?

Also, if you know any contemporary dance studios in the Phoenix, AZ area please share! :)

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    There are so many questions like this on Yahoo Answers,

    Noones gonna tell you that you can't do it.

    I think you should start with a ballet/jazz base for at least half a year and then also do contemporary. I think that contemporary/lyrical is the hardest dance genre just because you have to put so much emotion into a complicated dance. So start off with your basics.

    One dance studio in Phoenix, AZ is the Kimberly Lewis School of Dance. It teaches many different styles including contemporary. Try a trial class before you sign up to see if you like the genre and style of teaching.

    Have fun dancing!

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    present day Dance is technical-based dancing yet without actual rules. you're able to do fairly plenty besides the fact that form you could think of, its a form the place you could create your person form. an excellent form of stuff categorised as present day Dance is avante-garde, in accordance with a innovative concept, slightly off the wall. won't even appear as if dancing. Its the artsy stuff which you will unlikely learn in a dance studio, its carried out regularly in cutting-part Dance businesses. present day Jazz is technical-jazz based, employing ballet/jazz technique, yet being pushed via the sentiments of the song. Its what in my day we called Lyrical dance. Its in many circumstances carried out to slower song, extra passionate song, yet may be up-pace. the main driving rigidity is the song and how the circulate pertains to it. that's what you notice on so which you think of you could Dance and at maximum dance competitions around the rustic. present day Ballet is exactly ballet, often carried out en pointe for females human beings, besides the fact that if it pertains to the circulate the place choreographers strayed removed from the Classical varieties of previous. it continues to be carried out to Classical song, in spite of the actuality that the song dictates the circulate extra beneficial than in a common ballet. George Ballanchine became a brilliant driving ingredient in present day Ballet, bringing on works like Apollo, Prodigal Son, and Serenade. Its strictly ballet technique-based, yet takes the guidelines of Classical Ballet and mixes them up. Its no longer constantly grew to become out and provides in circulate from Jazz and Musical Theatre. i think of what you're finding for is present day Jazz, in spite of the actuality that those are in basic terms words. Dance the form you opt to bounce! it rather is whats to super with regards to the artwork form, you could create what you like! call it later.

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    contemporary is a style of jazz. there ya go

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