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Help for my book:Can you get a tattoo if you have leukemia?

I don't have cancer, but I'm writing a book and my main character has leukemia, like Jamie did in A Walk to Remember. My character stops responding to treatment and tries to live a normal life. She decides to get a tattoo of a butterfly as to represent her short life, just like a butterfly. And because butterflies mean life or soul.

So can she get a tattoo or is that a bad idea? After all this story is fiction, do I have to keep the tat idea or just dump it?

And for those who have cancer, my prayers are with you. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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    First off... that Butterfly thing at the bottom is COOL :)

    Second... I'm not 100% sure, but from what I've researched, It's okay. The ACS doesn't say no, but they encourage you not to (which would go PERFECT with your story since she's not responding to treatment and so technically she's kind of rebelling against what cancer is telling her she can't do by living a normal life while she can!!!)

    *this ISN'T really 100 % my answer... full credit for this answer goes to thebigz... he answered a question on here so here's the link for it! :) Hope I could help (ps- the opinion about how it goes with the story is my opinion lol)

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    Tattoos are, in my opinion, defacing your body. They're ugly and my impression when I see someone with a tattoo I am totally turned away. Yes, you're proud that you're a cancer survivor, but why do you feel the need to mark it on your body for life? I am a cancer survivor too and I fought hard to win. It was a hard battle but it's not something that I am proud of. I hate cancer, period. I am happy I kicked it's rear, but there's no way I'd wear a tattoo to remind me of the ordeal. It did not define me in any way. I define me. Is cancer only who are you now? Aren't you more than what cancer has defined you? If so....It's limiting. Time to move on and live, not live in shadow of cancer because if you do then you'll always will limit yourself to one experience and that's so one diminensional.

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    symbolism in books is good. It tells you what kind of character this is and what the book represents.

    Could you help me out?;_ylt=AvKv3...

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