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Which Richard Pryor Movie Was This?


Last year I watched a little bit of a movie on T.V of what I think to be a Richard Pryor movie. I searched IMDB but non of the descriptions seem to add upto what I remember. I only remember one scene from it, so here it goes:

His sitting in some sort of an office, probbally back in the 70's? and all the tables have these very old retro computers and he was punching in a few numbers and I think he found some sort of a loop hole from where he managed to steal millions of dollars...

Any ideas?


Superman III?? Lol, no wonder why I couldn't find it on imdb... I missed that link thinking it wasn't the movie I was looking for.

Thanks guys.

PS: How much of Richard is there in the movie? Or was it just a one of scene?

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    Superman III (1983)

    Richard Pryor plays Gus Gorman. An out of luck guy who lands a job dealing with computers. After finding his pay is lower than he'd like he figures out a way to circumvent the system to get his 'payday'. Eventually he is hired to hack into an atmospheric satellite to ruin the coffee crops in Central America. He comes up with a design for a super computer that can defeat Superman.

    Richard Pryor has a major role in the movie. He's in about 85 percent of the movie, if not more.

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    if its like a large office room with a row of computers, then there is only one movie like that.

    Superman III: he's stealing money from the corporation because he feels under paid.

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    Um, "The Toy"?

    It's the only other one I know of, and he does spend some time on "Master Bate's" father's computer.

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