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Not menstrual cramps or upset stomach... am I dying?

I've had a stabbing/cramping like pain right below my sternum in what seems like an area too high to be my stomach. IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I'M SITTING OR MY TORSO IS BENT. If I lie down or stretch, the pain goes away. Most of the time it's right after or less than an hour after I eat.

I don't know if this helps but I'm always constipated (sorry), and I never seem to have normal bowel movements.

I'm confused because it seems too high to be the stomach. No burning or anything.

Sometimes it hurts so bad I shake or puke. It never seems to last long enough for me to worry or go to the ER over.

I hate the doctor so anything helps! Thanks!

PS: I'm not prego!

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    My son used to have this problem when he was younger, and yes he was always constipated. The doctor told him it was gas bubbles, and he needed to increase his fiber. So at first I gave him chewable fiber pills, but now he likes that Activia yogurt. He hasn't had a problem since. Good luck!

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    Where you feel the pain is not where you necessarily have the problem. When I had appendicitis, the doctors asked me where my pain was. For me it was in the center of my stomach and it radiated out from there. They were confused because the CT scan showed a problem around my appendix, but I was complaining of heartburn like pain. I went in to urgent care on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday they sent me to the hospital thinking I had a bleeding ulcer. The hospital didn't operate on me until Saturday morning because of the uncertainty of where my pain was in relation to my problem.

    That being said, you might be suffering from gastroparesis. This is a problem where your digestive system moves slowly and thus the pain you feel may be that your intestines are having a hard time squeezing the food down your digestive tract. I do recommend you see the doctor for an official diagnosis. You may also want to go to a low meat diet to ease your constipation. I would recommend seeing a nutritionist if you do have gastroparesis to figure out a low meat diet with foods that are easy to digest.

    Good luck,

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    Prolly just gas/constipation. Make sure you start eating a lot of fiber.

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    Midol hunny.

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    probably gas pains

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    lol..your not dying..could be your

    Appendex.. (: see a doc

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