Baby is breech at 26 weeks?

I feel so silly asking this, but a breech presentation at 25-26 weeks is no big deal, right? I know there is plenty of time left for her to turn, I know that only 3-4% of babies will be breech at 40 weeks, but I'm still nervous. I've never had a baby be breech on an ultrasound, and I have zero desire to have a c-section. How many of you had a baby who was breech at this point stay that way? Does a breech = automatic c-section or can I attempt a vaginal delivery? This is my third baby, I've had 2 vaginal deliveries in the past, if that makes any difference.

I just need a little reassurance, thanks.

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    Nope - it's not a big deal at all. Most babies ride "sideways" (transverse breech) until the late 30s (week-wise) and some stay that way up until within hours of labor.

    Whether you will be told to have a c-section depends both on where you are (hospital, birth center) and what state/country you're in AND what type of breech it is.

    Types of Breeches:

    Transverse Breech: Baby lying sideways instead of headdown

    Frank breech: Baby's buttocks are aimed toward the birth canal and the legs stick straight up in front of the body. The feet are near the head.

    Complete breech: The buttocks are down, with the legs folded at the knees and the feet near the buttocks.

    Footling breech: One or both of the feet are pointing down and will come out first.

    If you have a Frank breech they may "let" you try to deliver vaginally.

    If you have a transverse breech they may try what's called "external version" where they try to rotate the baby from the outside.

    If you have a footling or complete breech they will tell you to have a c-section automatically.

    The bottomline is that no one, no hospital, no doctor, no midwife can FORCE you to do anything. If you want to try to deliver vaginally, they cannot stop you, they can just be really freakin' rude.

    But again, since you're only at 26 weeks, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!

    You'll be fine! (if you're still worried in a few weeks there are LOTS of things you can try to get baby to turn. yoga (cat-cows) hip rocking, playing music to or shining a light up your vagina, talking to the baby, to name a few)

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): I am a doula and a childbirth educator.
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    Breech Baby At 25 Weeks

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    Baby is breech at 26 weeks?

    I feel so silly asking this, but a breech presentation at 25-26 weeks is no big deal, right? I know there is plenty of time left for her to turn, I know that only 3-4% of babies will be breech at 40 weeks, but I'm still nervous. I've never had a baby be breech on an ultrasound, and I have...

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    Yes, the baby will probably turn. Most babies do. But if you're concerned, there are some things you can do try to get the baby into a better position. I'll include a link to an article. As to your question about breech equaling c-section--it depends on the provider. Most hospitals won't let you have a vaginal birth with a breech baby, many home birth midwives will. Ask your provider.

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    Yup my baby was breech till just about a week ago and I was 33 weeks.

    A baby can be breech all the way up until labour and still turn.

    It depends on what type of breech baby is, but some types of breech babies can still be given birth to vaginally, but it can be more painful and carry more risks.

    There are things you can do to help encourage baby to flip but I wouldn't worry about trying to get baby to flip until you are closer to your due date.

    Good luck!

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    My son was all over the place, especially at 26-30 weeks! I had an ultrasound at 32 weeks because I was measuring big, and he was breech at that time. I spent the next 3 weeks worrying that he wasn't going to turn. At my 34 week appointment he was still breech, and my doctor said that if he didn't turn by the next week they would have to try to turn him. Well, it turned out that I went in for my appointment at 35 weeks and he decided to turn and was head down and all set to be born! Don't worry....your little one still has plenty of time to turn head down and get ready! Best wishes

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    I am 37+4 days pregnant.

    at 25 weeks i had a follow up ultrasound for low fluid and the doctor wanted me to see a high risk specialist because the baby was measuring small. so i have had twice weekly ultrasounds since 25 weeks. My baby was breech from 26 weeks on. she never turned. This is my third pregnancy and my first two were normal vaginal deliveries.

    My doctor gave me the option to have an extrernal cephalic version (evc) where they use there hands on the outside of you belly to turn the baby. he also told me that if that didnt work i would be a great candidate for a vaginal breech delivery because 1. my baby is on the smaller side. 2. i had normal vaginal deliveries with no complications twice before and 3. because my children are 2 and 10 months so my birth canal and pelvis are still in psuhing out babies mode.

    Yesterday i had the evc and he turned her in literally 1 minute! i was so happy!!! many people will tell you that there are risks of the cord getting wrapped around the babies neck or they can die and that is hurts alot. I had it done yesterday and was told that the biggest risk is cord compression which is esentialy if the cord does get snagged on limb or against your uterine wall the blood flow slows and the babies heart rate goes down. This is about a 3 percent chance of happening. he said he had never heard of any baby dying or getting the cord wrapped around its neck. first they monitor the babies heart rate and give you and ultrasound and then they squeeze alot of jelly on your belly and push on your belly to manipulate the baby or coax him\her to move. ht had to stop about 30 seconds after and check with ultrasound to make sure he was pushing her head still and she hadn't moved away from him and then another 30 seconds later he stopped and said "voila vertex baby!" it wasn't painful ...not pleasant but it wasnt paid it felt like someone was giving me a really tight bear hug. after they hooked me up to the monitor to check for any type of distress and then i went home and very happy woman!!!! also he told me that once the bbay is head down they almost never flip back around if you are 37 weeks plus because they are to big. My baby is much smaller than the average and she hasnt moved or tried to flip back around.

    with two other kids at home and one whom still can't walk....i was in no way prepared for a c section, i would gladly do another EVC to prevent a c section and i would even consider a vaginal breech delivery before a c section given that my doctor has deliver many breech babies successfully and is confident i am a good canidate...i'm sorry this is so long but i know exactly what you are going through right now and you do have options. make sure to talk to your doctor about your concerns

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    26 weeks is way too early to worry about this yet. Your midwife won't even get slightly concerned till about 34 weeks. I had a breech baby turn at 39 weeks, you have loads of time, don't worry.

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    Don't worry about it. My daughter was in breech at 25 weeks, and now she's been head-down since 30 weeks.

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    my u/s tech told me thats fine and most babies at 30 weeks (when she did my next sono) are head down and if not you still have plenty of time. my doctors office also does another sono at around 35 weeks to confirm the baby is indeed head down.

    my friends son was breeched at around 36 weeks and the doctor tried turning the baby. he finally turned down at 38 weeks on his own.

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