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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 10 years ago

What would you name your kids if you had 26 kids?

Just for fun, what would you name your 26 children if you can only use one letter of the alphabet? For example, your first child's name (any gender) would start with an A and your 26th kid's name would start with a Z.

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  • 10 years ago
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    A - Alice (g) or August (b)

    B - Bridget or Benjamin

    C - Colette or Charles

    D - Dahlia or Darcy (b)

    E - Elodie or Edward

    F - Felicity or Francis

    G - Grace or Gabriel

    H - Honor or Hugh

    I - Isabelle or Isaac

    J - Jane or Jude

    K - Kara or Kelly (boy)

    L - Lux (g) or Leo

    M - Matilda or Martin

    N - Nora or Nicholas

    O - Ophelie or Oliver

    P - Paloma or Peter

    Q - Quinn for both

    R - Rose or Rafe

    S - Simone or Sawyer

    T - Theodora or Thomas

    U - Una or Upton

    V - Violet or Valentine

    W - Willa or Wade

    X - Xola or Xavier

    Y - Yale (g) or Yves

    Z - Zooey or Zev

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  • 10 years ago

    Annora Fleur

    Bennett Nathaniel

    Cullen Parker

    Dahlia Madeleine

    Elias John

    Francesca Lily

    Gibson Daniel

    Hannelore Mia

    Innogen Vera

    Jasper Liam

    Kathryn Isobel

    Lincoln Reid

    Marshall Ian

    Nolan Gregory

    Oliver James

    Penelope Jess

    Quincy Lucas

    Rosalie Vera

    Serafina Violet

    Thomas MacKenzie

    Ulysses Leonard

    Vittoria Charlotte

    William Elliott

    Xanthe Mathilda

    Yael Marissa

    Zacarias Cole

    Nora, Ben, Cullen, Dahlia, Eli, Franca, Gibson, Lola, Gen, Jasper, Katya, Lincoln, Marshall, Nolan, Oliver, Penny, Quin, Rose, Sera, Thomas, Ulysses, Vittoria, Liam, Annie, Yae & Zac

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  • Shelby
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    Aaron James

    Bethany Rhianne

    Carter Alexander

    Devon Leigh

    Elissia Renee

    Frances Jane

    Georgia Lynn

    Henry Ethan

    Isabel Kate

    Joseph Thomas

    Kaitlyn Shaniese (Shuh-niece)

    Leonard Mason

    Michele Lynette

    Nathaniel Jonathon

    Olivia Charlotte

    Patrice Jo

    Quinton Aron (a-ROHN)

    Ryan Lee

    Shaine Rochelle

    Taylore Janessa

    Uma Chanise

    Victoria Marie

    Wendy Abigail

    Xander Ronald

    Yvette Joy

    Zena Claire

    Source(s): That was fun :)
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  • nora
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Totally unrealistic, but I am up for the challenge anyway. Mostly just because I like thinking of name combinations. I'll do their middle names in reverse alphabetical order, just to make it a bit more interesting.

    Anneliese Zephyra

    Billy Yates

    Casper Xavier

    Dorian Wednesday

    Edgar Virgil

    Friedrich Ulrik

    Ginevra Temperance

    Henriette Sophia

    Ian Reuben

    Jane Quinn

    Katherine Paulina

    Lydia Odette

    Millicent Nadine

    Nolan Matthew

    Olivia Lenore

    Persephone Kate

    Quinton James

    Rupert Ichabod

    Severus Harrison

    Theodore Gregory

    Ursula Florence

    Virginia Emilie

    Wilhelm Daniel

    Xena Calliope

    Ysobel Beatrice

    Zarah Ariel

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    My Answer:


    13 Girls:


    1) Amelia

    2) Breanna

    3) Chloe

    4) Delilah

    5) Eden

    6) Fallon

    7) Gemma

    8) Hayley

    9) Isobel

    10) Jacqueline

    11) Katherine

    12) Lucy

    13) Madeline

    13 Boys:


    14) Nathaniel

    15) Oliver

    16) Peyton

    17) Quinn

    18) Riley

    19) Sebastian

    20) Tanner

    21) Utah

    22) Vincent

    23) William

    24) Xavier

    25) Yuri

    26) Zachary



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  • 10 years ago

    The easy way out would just be call them by their first initial (like "Hey Q, wanna go tell J it's time for dinner? And you might as well tell D while you're at it." haha)

    A- Aria

    B- Beatrice

    C- Cam

    D- David

    E- Eli

    F- Felicity

    G- Gabe

    H- Hanna

    I- Isabel

    J- Joseph

    K- Katherine

    L- Lina

    M- Michael

    N- Nathan

    O- Olivia

    P- Patrick

    Q- Quinn

    R- Rae

    S- Selina

    T- Thomas

    U- Ursula

    V- Val

    W- William

    X- Xavier

    Y- Yael

    Z- Zack


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  • 10 years ago

    A- Alexander(boy),Alexa(girl)

    B- Braxton(boy), Brea(girl)

    C- Camden(boy) Christina(girl)

    D- Dante(boy), Daysha(girl)

    E- Eli(boy), Elizabeth(girl)

    F- Fynn

    G- Gemma

    H- Hailey(girl)

    I- Isaiah(boy) Isabella(girl)

    J- Jayden (boy) Jayda(girl)

    K- Kadence(boy), Kristina(girl)

    L- Logan(boy), Lillianna(girl)

    M- Max(boy), Madison(girl)

    N- Nolan(boy)

    O- Olivia(girl)

    P- Payton(girl)

    Q- Quinn (boy)

    R- Rylan (boy) Ryan (girl)

    S- Sydney (girl)

    T- Trae(boy)

    U- USher

    V- Vincent(boy), Vanessa(girl)

    W- William

    X- Xadian(boy), Xandra(girl)

    Y- Yana

    Z- Zoey

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  • Emma
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    Here is a link to a cool middle name generator where you can generate a baby name using your fave first name and last name. I got some nice results.

    A - Adrianna

    B - Brianna

    C - Cat

    D - Dion

    E - Emma

    F - Florence

    G - Gabrielle

    H - Hannah

    I - Isabelle

    J - Jacqueline

    K - Kate

    L - Laura

    M - Marilynne

    N - Nikita

    O - Olivia

    P - Penny

    Q - ?

    R - Roxy

    S - Sienna

    T - Tavianna

    U - ?

    V - Vivianne

    X - ?

    Y - ?

    Z - Zoe

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  • Amber
    Lv 5
    5 years ago

    Austin Matthew & Alexandra Marie "Alex"

    Bradley William "Brad" & Bridget May

    Cole Benjamin & Caroline Faith "Care"

    Dean Patrick & Dawn Katherine

    Evan Thomas & Emma Rose

    Frederick Davis "Freddie" & Fiona Paige

    Gavin Jack & Georgina Mae "Georgie"

    Heath Aaron & Holly Jade

    Ian Sterling & Isabella Paige "Bella"

    Joseph Ryan "Joe" & Juliet Claire

    Kirk William & Kristin Anne "Kris"

    Luke Daniel & Lillian Taylor "Lily"

    Mitchel Zane "Mitch" & Madeline Eve "Maddie"

    Nathaniel Chase "Nate" & Nina Grace

    Oliver Jack "Ollie" & Olivia Jane "Liv"

    Patrick Charles & Phoebe Elizabeth

    Quinntin Ross & Quinn Margaret

    Ryan Wyatt & Rebecca Kate "Becca"

    Shane Scott & Sydney Tatum

    Tyler Jason "Ty" & Tabitha Blair

    Ulrich Blake "Richie" & Ursula Sarah

    Vincent Jesse "Vince" & Violet Michelle

    William Riley "Billy" & Willow Scarlett

    Xander Andrew & Xelda Amber

    Yoseph Duncan "Duncan" & Yasmin Abigail

    Zachary Miles "Zack" & Zoey Sabrina

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  • 10 years ago

    All girls:

    1. Brooklynn

    2. Summer

    3. Kaylie

    4. Meaghan

    5. Danielle

    6. Adrienne

    7. Amanda

    ..nvrmind this is too hard!!

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