Shi'a Muslims: Why is there so much difference between us and those against us?

By a quick check you'll realize that Iran is the third country in the world having the highest number of scientists. Most of the medical advances are carries by Iranian "Shi'a" medical community. Iran is #1in medicine, #2 in bio-technology and genetics, #5 in nano-technology, #11 in aero-space and robotics and it invents over 4500 inventions each and every year and most of the heads of scientific institutes in the U.S are Iranian Shi'a Muslims. (you can check modern Iranian engineers and scientists) on wikipedia.

Also, Shi'a have proved time and time again to be the most civilized, the most cultured and the most open-minded and friendliest of all Muslims.

But why is it that all the terrorists and those with long-beards and towel-heads whom are despised in the world and live in the caves, plant bombs here and there and are far from civilization are all non-Shi'a? By checking the news everything becomes clear, doesn't it?

The only countries compromising with Israel and licking the American @$$ are the non-Shi’a countries. Why?

Makes me wonder which one is on the truth Islam's side? Shi'a or non-Shi'a?


Najafia Princess: I'm proud of you and your words are 100% correct.

Let's not forget that they would kill Shi'a Muslims, but they would comporomise the Zionist Israel and the Chrisitian and Atheist America.

Update 2:

What ignorance: Check and see: over 4000 of the top scientists in the U.S are Iranians not to mention the ones in Canada, Europe etc etc. Why not check the wikipedia :)

Update 3:

I'd like to point out on thing: History has proved that most of the times it's the majority who can't see the truth and go astray not the minority! A good example is the number of idol-worshippers compared to that of God-worshippers in the old times, so just because we comprise only 350 million of the Muslims, doesn't mean we're wrong and the majority is right. They clearly are ignorant of the history of Islam, but they're not brave enought o admit it. If they decide to save their souls by repentance, God may have mercy on their souls, otherwise, I don't think anything good is awaiting them in the hereafter.

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    10 years ago
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    Those wahabi freaks who are committing all these acts of terrorism and are distorting the image of Islam are clearly on the path of Satan and they are only destroying themselves, in this life and the Hereafter inshallah. After all that those criminals did to all the innocent people over the years, I just feel so much anger and hatred for them. Many people - these wahabis mainly - are saying that its Shias who are destroying the image of Islam with the Ashura or Taqqiyah, but really, why don't these people realize that it has been the incidents such as 9/11 and the constant bombings afterwards that is giving people the wrong idea about Islam? What about those so called "Sunni" governments in each Gulf Arab country, for example, who have for years and years supported the USA and Israel? If it weren't for the Gulf countries, there would be hope for the helpless countries like Iraq or Palestine. The Gulf Arab countries are practically WHY the Ummah is so screwed right now. In the Qur'an, it says that leaders of an Islamic state should NOT help the non Muslim leaders in their injustice, meaning in their killing of the Palestinians or Iraqis, for example. Alhamdulilah, I'm so grateful to Allah (swt) that there has been one country like Iran who has finally stood up for Islam and has refused to be bullied by the West or become its puppets, which I can't say the same for the rest of the Arab countries.

    Heres a little video by Alex Jones:

    Youtube thumbnail

    He discusses clearly how wahabis - those who hate everything that is different from them or are intolerant and judgemental - are the clear threat here. It is simply. not. Islam.

    Shias alhamdulilah follow the truth. :) That is why they prosper as you have said so and will succeed inshallah, in this life and the Hereafter, as they are not decieved by the Satan.

    God bless, brother :)

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  • So are you gonna start your nonsense just like MOMIN and other people here? Get over it dude and grow up. Do NOT forget the frequent secret meetings between the Iranians and the Israelis or Americans that the media speaks about from time to time. If achievements in scientific fields prove that Shi'a are on the Right Path, then it would be more accurate to consider the Christians as the people who are on the Right Path. Grow up man.

    Just to remind you so as not to forget, we also know that Iran has gone far in transsexualism and the Iranian doctors are masters now in changing the "engines" of both men and women who want to change their sex, and all that is done with the consent and encouragement of Khomeini (Read about the Fatwa of Khomeini concerning the issue of sex change) and ur turbaned religious scholars. You can google "transsexuality In Iran" or since you are found of wikipedia, you can click on the following link:

    To conclude, and since you seem found of the classification of contries in different fields, bear in mind that Iran is # 2 in sex change operation after Thailand.

    Sorry for revealing the dark side of Shiaism and Iran.


    Source(s): The Holy Quran and the Prophet's Hadiths are My Best Teachers
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  • 10 years ago

    All the enemies of Islam received technological aids from the west.

    Can you pick one Shia out of these:

    Where was Iran for 1300 years?

    Edit: Asker, Muslims are not the majority nowadays, we Sunnis (Muslims) make up 1 Billion out of almost 7 Billions of world population.

    Just for you to know, and please, don't judge these1 Billion, the converts in the US are 20,000 a year, and they're almost all Sunnis, are they also hell doomed because they don't curse sahabas?

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  • 10 years ago

    Much of the cars and electronics running in this world are Japanese. Just one example of technological contributions.

    And what does technology have to do with religious heritage? Not all Iranian-Americans are Muslims.

    Most of those Arab states are like sheep with no technology. Their wealth comes from their oil industry. Uncle Sam simply farms them when needed.

    Honestly, at times I think you guys were better off under the Shah even though he had flaws.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Shias welcomed the merkava tanks in the 1982 invasion of lebanon .

    Shias helped the americans in the invasion of iraq .

    The SLA was mainly consisted of Shias and they defended Israel

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  • dude stop giving IRAN A BAD NAME you are NOT iranian

    there are also sunnis in iran too smart a s s

    LOL wow you are trying to prove something and your source is from wikipedia lol

    wikipedia is full of BS

    i can even change info on wikipedia

    you are lost

    sunni + shia +sufi= MUSLIM

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  • 10 years ago

    i stopped reading after you said iran is first in medicine lmao.

    they're no were to be seen

    " over 4000 of the top scientists in the U.S are Iranians"- (lol) shame they aren't in iran helpin their muslim brothers and sisters... they technically are working for USA not iran..

    seriously your giving iranians a bad name.

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  • Velvet
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    10 years ago

    So you think this projects a friendly, cultured, open mindedm civilized and friendly image of Shias?

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  • Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh.

    Sorry when did you become the judge of people?

    Everyone has faults even shia.

    No-one is perfect.

    If you spent half the time you spent complaining about others on yourself you wouldnt see any faults.

    Shia-ism wasnt around in the time of nabi (SAW) what does that say?

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  • 10 years ago

    lol You're praising Iranian More then Shias !

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