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what type of spiders dig holes in the ground with webs covering them?

i live in texas and when i step in my backyard i happen to ge holes in the ground with webs covering them i was wondering what type of spider makes them

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    Trapdoor spiders, known as "Haru'k Minda" in Ojawa.

    They are medium-sized mygalomorph spiders that construct burrows with a cork-like trapdoor made of soil, vegetation and silk. There are also unrelated spider families that are sometimes called trapdoor spiders, such as the Liphistiidae, Barychelidae, Cyrtaucheniidae and some Idiopidae and Nemesiidae. Some Conothele species do not build a burrow, but construct a silken tube with trap-door in bark crevices.

    Hope that helped :)

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    They're called trap door spiders, those holes in the ground are used to catch prey and the web keeps them from escaping. They're actually interesting to watch, maybe try it sometime.

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    Yes, Trap Door Spiders, fascinating to watch.

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    they hide in wait for small prey to become captured in their sticky webbing and then attack! Its very cool to watch actually. They are called trapdoor spiders and there are a few kinds. Others will hide in a hole under a rock and when they sense prey walking by they jump out and attack and poison it then drag it down its tunnel to finish the job ;P

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    trap door spider

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