Recently today I had posted my resume on craigslist for a potential employer to contact me. I had gotten one responce rather quickly and was immediately interested because of the wages he was offering. After a few back and forth emails a red flag for me came up by how he was being so informal and unprofessional. I am very scared because my email address has both my first and last name and he asked me some personal questions like, where do you live(what town) and where I was moving to (told him i was looking for an apartment), where did you go to school...and so on..I am very stupid and nieve for actually devulging this info and i sincerely regret it the end of our conversation he ended up pretty much asking if I would be his "*uck buddy" on the side on top of working for him...and asking me to wear revieling clothes to work...I responded to stop emailing me and that was not the type of job i was looking for...just goes to show you that u cant trust anyone nowadays...I wanted to share my experience with others that way more can be informed of the creeps out there...If you put an ad on craigslist for a job watch out for "john smith" haha that should have been my first tip off to this fake!! if anyone else has had a similar experence i would love to hear about them...thanks ....also what should i do if he keeps emailing me? so far hes stopped but im afraid he might become a stalker or something...thanks in advance


he knew i had a boyfriend too and that still didnt stop him from persuing me...jerk!

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    In my town a man posted an add for a couch that he was trying to get rid of. A man responded almost immediately and asked the man that had the couch where he needed to pick it up. He told him the address, and within 6 hours there was a report of homicide at that address. The family of the man that posted the add was dismayed to find out that the man that had murdered their husband/father was the man that the man had talked to on craigslist.

    If he continues to email you or confronts you in any way, call the police, and they will handle the case

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    Craigslist can be used for good or bad. It can be (and has been) a real asset to many, many people.

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    You missed out on a very lucrative career.

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    thanks for letting me know. i was going to put up a babysitting add on there. i wiont do it anymore

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