What to do in Stockholm Sweden?

I am goin to Stockholm for six days and I was curious as to what there is to do around there anyone been?

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    Stockholm happens to be my absolute favorite city in Europe, and possibly the world. It is tidy and very green, and sits on a number of islands. One of the most interesting things to do will take the better part of a day if you indulge yourself. That is to visit the "Wasa" Museum. The 17th-century warship "Wasa" sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. It was raised more than 90 percent intact in the 1960s and is now in its own museum, along with most of the artifacts found around its resting place on the bottom of Stockholm Harbor. It is endlessly fascinating.

    Other things to enjoy include:

    - Skansen, an architectural preserve, on the same island as the "Wasa." Has examples from many periods of architecture and from throughout Sweden. Also a cute zoo. The bears are fun!

    - Changing of the guard at the Royal Palace. It's especially cool if it is a regimental change, as there is much more hoopla. At the last one I saw, the incoming regiment brought their own band and performed a concert after the changing of the guard.

    - Tour the Treasury and the State Apartments in the Palace.

    - Go outside of town for the day and visit Drottningholmslot, the royal country palace. it's a Versailles-wannabe with a wonderful park and formal gardens. Also a "Chinese Palace" built as a gift for one of the queens. be sure to tour the old theatre, too. The old sound effects and mechanical equipment still works!

    - See a show at the theatre in the Kulturhuset (Culture House), and often there are interesting exhibits.

    - Go to the National Museum, across the harbor from the Palace.

    - Wander the narrow streets of the Gamlastan (the Old Town).

    - Tour the interesting Town Hall, including the Golden Hall where the Nobel Prize Ball is held.

    It's a wonderful town. Have a great time there!

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