Roblox Sword Fight On The Heights IV help?

i wanted to know what the sword abilities for sword fight on the heights IV were and all the names of the swords also what do ppl mean when they say they are like lvl3 or lvl9 in that game and also how do you become basicly invisble witht the ghostwalker?

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    Normal Sword~All players spawn with this sword. It does a relatively low amount of damage compared to other swords, and it is highly recommended you use other swords in the game.

    Venomshank~This sword will do some additional damage after it hits the victim. The victim will turn green for a few seconds, and be poisoned. The poison will wear off if the poisoned character uses the Shadow Sphere or goes to the safe area.

    Ice Dagger~Ice daggers are dangerous, unless you've equipped a Firebrand sword. They freeze your torso, your body turns transparent blue, and all your health is gone at once. It is very hard to avoid and of one the most annoying weapons in the game to most. Players who use this to win all the time are often called "Ice noobs" or "Dagger noobs". Most people justify this because the person is said to have no skill that they have to use one-hit kills to win. The Ice Dagger is found past the lava spinners.

    Darkheart~A dangerous sword, as it heals the wielder. Once the enemy is killed, they will turn black and their limbs will fly away. When you harm other players, it converts the damage you deal to health to you. Ghostwalker users should be aware that this sword can easily be the end of their Level 9 Ghostwalker.

    Illumina~A sword that lets you jump higher than normal if you lunge with it then jump (Double click). It also releases sparkles, which gives away your position. This sword has the highest base damage in the game, unless a Ghostwalker is used. On rare occasions, players will use the sparkles on this sword to hide them self or lag the other players.

    Firebrand~Does exactly double the damage of the Normal Sword, and it is much larger. It can withstand Ice Dagger (if you hold the sword) thus you cannot be instantly killed by the sword, but you will still take damage from the sword. Always keep one with you if you see an Ice Dagger user nearby.

    Windforce~When a player is lunged at by this sword, they are blown back by it. It can push people off the stage. Unfortunately, people pushed off the stage do not give you a KO when they die from falling. If you are confronted with someone using this, do not attempt to kill them unless you have a very powerful sword to instantly kill them.

    Ghostwalker~The Ghostwalker is the only sword that can vary in damage. The more players you kill with it, the more powerful it becomes. As you kill people, the number in it's name increases from 0 to 9. The sword will become more powerful if you kill beyond this amount, however it is not shown. When you wield this sword, you become partially transparent and a body force object is used to lower your gravity, thus allowing you to jump over four times as high. If you double click rapidly (to do the lunge attack, which makes you float), combined with the low gravity allows one to flutter in the air. This is good from getting out of high places. Having two Jet boots and a Ghostwalker can provide for unending flight, however it is very hard to chat or do other things besides flying.

    Here ya go! Hope I answered your question!

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