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Will Obama pardon Pfc. Bradley Manning, the intelligence officer that released classified army intelligence?

This is something of which I think Obama would approve. Opinions?


EDIT: I don't know, I read the user comments posted after the story, and liberals LOVE this Manning, call him a hero, name their kids after him, etc...

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    First, a PFC is not an intelligence officer. He's an enlisted man with access to confidential information.

    Second, unlike most whistle blowers, he has sworn an oath.

    I hope he likes Kansas, because he's going to be there for a very long time.

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    not likely that Obama would approve of such things. Remember he's not like bush who would approve of endangering a CIA agent and releasing classified information on her identity because his administration was mad over her husband's news column.

    Nor is he like Bush's father who pardoned Oliver North for giving classified information and weapons to our enemies.

    Strange that you think Obama would approve of such things, do you have any evidence whatsoever to suggest he would?

    Really can you show a source that states liberals have named their kids after Manning?

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    Highly, highly doubtful. I was just recently reading up on it, and nothing about it seemed like something President Obama would be inclined to pardon him for.

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    I suspect he'll be honorably discharged and make a lot more money doing something better with his fame and integrity.

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