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Rocky mountain national park?

Is there anyone rent tents in Rocky mountain national park, I heard there are no hotels in the mountain area, is it true?

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    There are plenty of motels and hotels in and around Estes Park which is just to the east of the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, and I'm sure there are places there to rent a tent if that is what you want to do. Also the YMCA runs a hotel there but I think you have to reserve a room or cabin with them ahead of time. There are Hotels, Motels and Cabins in the Mountains in Colorado, just not as many as in the big cities and could fill up quickly in peak tourist seasons so reservations are wise to get.

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    I don't think you can rent tents in the park. You can probably rent them in Estes Park, though. And there are hotels. It's about a ten minute drive, in traffic, in the morning, from E. Elkhorn Dr. to the park. Seriously close!

    Yeah. Hotels are why Estes is there. And restaurants. And touristy souvenir shops.

    I'd bet, if you want them, there are tents to rent. Or you can get an RV to use. There are rentals for those, too...I'd look in Denver for that. There ARE plenty of campgrounds.

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    There are no hotels inside the park itself. There are many just outside the park in the town of Estes Park. Two years ago I rented a tent at the REI in Boulder and used it in the park. I know there are places to rent tents in Estes Park also, but I don't know the names of them. You cannot rent a tent within the park itself.

  • the words "mountain area" only mean once when you enter the national park gates--the town of Estes Par about 5 minutes away is a highway of tourist stops and hotels

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    There are a ton of lodges, cabins and motels on the way up to RMNP from Estes Park. There's definitely no shortage of lodging up there although it might be tough to get a room during the busy season.

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