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Do believers/christians/catholics believe in Noah's Ark? As in it actually happened?

Because it's fake. Like a lot of stories. Take the story of Adam and Eve. If they were the starting point of our population, we would have a lot of problems. Incest doesn't mix. Genetics explains that.

Anyway back to Noah's ark. Again, they took ONLY TWO of each gender for each animal. The whole animal species can't be started by just a male and a female. You need variation inorder for the species to survive.

So do you believers believe that the event of Noah's Ark actually happened?

And if you don't believe it, how can you believe in the reliability of the bible if several stories in it are clearly false? If not all?


ahaha skippy, i know..i know.

I just wish they didn't say that stuff.

Update 2:


"So the incest argument is invalid."

WTF? You need to take some science classes. I'm not the one making assertions. YOU ARE. But of course, your faith and beliefs blinds you from the truth. There is no way to argue with you. are the man!

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    I think that depends on the individual believer. Some think it's literal, some metaphorical, and the ones who think it's literal are going to answer with "God can do anything," so you're wasting your breath.

    <edit> "Yes I believe it. I don't care how it happened if God said it did, I believe him. Nothing will change my mind about it. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING! I love him more everyday."

    See? Nice try Kym, but I copy/pasted for posterity. I can read you people like a book. So predictable.


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    Yes, Noah's Ark was real.

    Adam and Eve were real. They were created in a pristine state - there were no genetic defects. Incestuous relations can cause genetic defects because we all have on average about 400 deleterious genetic mutations, and, of course, close relatives share the same mutations, so their offspring are more likely to have those defects realized. But such was not the case with Adam and Eve - they were perfect. So the incest argument is invalid.

    Two of one particular species can create a stable and healthy population. This has been observed with two sheep who started populating an island in the 50's. They produced greater genetic diversity than scientists expected. (See 'Unexpected heterozygosity in an island mouflon population founded by a single pair of individuals' from the Proceedings of the Royal Society of B journal.)

    So, I'm sorry, but it's not 'fake' nor 'clearly false.' You're making a lot of assertions.


    Take a science class? I'm the one producing peer reviewed scientific journals to back up my claim. You're just producing assertions.

    If you're going to criticize a biblical account, you must take into consideration everything the Bible says on the matter. The Bible shows that Adam and Eve were created perfect - they wouldn't have had deleterious mutations like we all do today. Hence, their reproducing children wouldn't have had ill effects. Hence, the incest argument is invalid.

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    First of all, there's no way to prove whether or not it was fake.

    Secondly, I DO NOT believe it really happened. It was metaphorical.

    Most of the Old Testament is just there to prophecize the New Testament.

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    Go to this site and watch the first video. Then read a little bit. Keep an open mind and you will see that the way they explain it all is the only way that makes sense.

    Do it don't let satan keep you down brother. You are better than this. I have faith in you.

    Jesus loves you.

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    Yes I believe it. It makes perfect sence to me and I see loads of proof and evidence supporting it. People don't believe in a spontaneous chance that a bunch of animals could fit on a really big boat but that same chance zapped a one in a million tiny pool of random matter and formed living creatures? Where's your logic?

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    Publicly yes. Privately no.

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    I believe everything in the Bible to be true.

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    You have a right to your opinion, even if it's wrong. (And it is.)

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