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Do guys like sugary sweet smelling perfumes? (Ex: Aquolina Pink Sugar)?

I'm letting you all know beforehand that I'm turning 17 next week, and my mom ordered me Pink Sugar. I'm aware of what this smells like. She also purchased the body spray, the lotion and something else.

If you know what Pink Sugar smells like, you'll know that it's a candy explosion and then it settles down into a vanilla sugarcookie scent. I do like it; however, I wouldn't use every PS product I have in a day, because that's too much.

If you're a girl, do you know if guys liked sweet smelling perfumes on you?

And if you're a guy, do you like sweet smelling perfumes on girls?

I'm not trying to gross guys out.

I'm aiming towards guys who're around 16-19, by the way.


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    Alot of guys, alot of people in general, ALWAYS mention how good I smell. I noticed that alot of my guy friends...or even random guys..*all* like this scent (besides the other ones they each like): J'Adore by Christian Dior. I always get compliments on it from girls and guys alike, but alot of guys tend to like it. It's a floraly, somewhat sweet, but very clean, crisp scent. I have another spray I wear that is also pretty floral, and get alot of compliments on that one, too.

    Also, I like to wear Victoria's Secret Love Rocks. It's a very rich scent, that is more on that sugary, vanilla-y (lol), and fruity scented side. I've gotten tons of compliments on those, too.

    It's weird that it's something (only thing?) I get complimented on everyday,lol. I once had a friend who asked if he could wear my sweater because it smelled so good. Errr... o_o

    Source(s): Incredible taste in fragrances, if I do say so myself. :]
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    It smells sickly sweet. Intensely strong, and lacks depth. I almost got sick wearing it. Oddly every man that smells it seems to love it! ? Why... I do not know. The packaging is cheap and appears as though it was designed by a female circus clown . Awful... syrupy order that lingers on an on. Cotton Candy followed by a cloud of chalky powder. Just say "no."

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    no, i dont think so.aqualina pink sugar is hard to miss! lol ask for aqualina for christmas! it smells awesome!

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