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How long does it take to become a good boxer? or at least good enough to defend yourself?

See I live in an urban area in new york. And my serect is coming out, and I'm done hiding it any longer. Im not gonna run or hide from anyone, I want to fight back. And im sure when I come out and say I'm gay im gonna get ridculed on on , and most likey have to fighting , seeing as the concentration of people in my neighboorhood are intolerant gays. Im taking boxing classes next month, and i wanna know how long it takes to be a good fighter or at least good enough to defend myself at a decent level

&& these kids who hang outside everyday, have had alot of street fights, so keep in mind they got experience.

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    The time depends on the dedication, if you had any reliable friends I would keep them nearby. And what secret? Not trying to get in your business or anything but maybe try to resolve this "secret" problem before it gets worse maybe? Anyway, look up "Krav Maga" it's a universal technique and do a lot of core exercises like crunches, sit ups, leg raises, and other sorts since a lot fighting comes from the core. Weight training might help too.

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    I will first reference you to the Castle Doctrine. From this law came the right to use deadly force by the private citizen. Established from case law Colorado 1985. Right to use deadly Force. Is an action to stop an aggressive action towards you or members of your family. Once that action is averted by the means of death or other, you no longer have the right to continue to use deadly force,. Re: that given incident. To do so can and will be a cause for your immediate arrest. I can tell you without malice or forethought, that private citizens are directly responsible for the repelling of aggression 5 times more than members of law enforcement. More bad guys meet their demise from private citizens then police or other, The 2nd Amendment is alive and well. And will always remain live and well. LTM has a valid point. Go after the hand wringers that wish to keep your rights in check, and limit your ability to protect your life limb or property. Best way to deal with this issue, is to ask your asst, States Attorney for a ruling on the deadly force law in your immediate Jurisdiction. This ends all the confusion. I am 10-7 do to flu today. So I'm going to have fun screwing with libs.

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    70% of it comes from good reflexes, and the rest comes from mental toughness and practice.

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    it depends on how long you practice everyday and where you live to what you have to defend yourself to.

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    idont know

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