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I hired a contractor to stain my deck, he didn't clean the deck and just applied stain directly..?

Now the deck looks like crap, its a brownish color, and there are area's where the stain is so heavy it's shiny, and the dirt is now trapped under the stain. It extremely dingy looking, Anything I can do? When I asked him why he didn't clean he stated power washing or using bleaches shorten the lifespan of the deck, and while it doesn't look great it now protected. What can I do, is my deck ruined? He used Olympic oil based toner.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    he being the expert is right about power washing but he prob should have sweeped it or maby hit it with some sand paper i would think then stained it, im not an expert not even close but common sence tells me that he just did it half *** to get it done. i would think if u sanded the stain down than re stained it it would look better but it would be alot of work

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's what's called a real "Botch Job".

    Your deck should have been thoroughly cleaned with deck wash and a pressure-washer. Then left to dry completely before any kind of stain was applied. Not to mention those areas were your contractor left the stain, to forming heavy blotches or spots. Any excess stain should have been wiped away immediately.

    The only thing you can do now is to sand it down and refinish it the correct way. It may turn out okay but you won't know until all the sanding is complete. To look it's best, you should remove as much of the stain you can. If the old stuff is left on it will show through the new stain, leaving blotchy dark spots in the finish. You may have to hire another "contractor" to repair this "contractors" botch job.

    The contractor you hired, should be held responsible for refinishing your deck. If not, Institute legal proceedings and sue that contractor. Sue for what you payed him for the botch job and the cost to repair said botch job. You do have rights and I think you should use them.


    The darker the color, the quicker the wood will start to wear, because the surfaces will get much hotter. This is a real consideration if you live in a very sunny region, not to mention the discomfort of walking across dark decking barefoot. If you have a dog or cat, bear this in mind. They are always barefoot.

    Sorry about your deck and I hope all turns out for the best.

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  • 1 decade ago

    call the contractor and ask him to come and look,be nice and don't fly off the handle,in a diplomatic way let him know your not satisfied with the way it looks.if it's what you say it is then you should have no problem.he should make an effort to satisfy his costumers so the will call him for work again later.the secret of getting things done the way you want them done is being soft spoken but loud enough to get it across without being harsh.just be Professional about it the same way he should

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your options are to try to power wash it not and then re apply the stain or you could wait a couple years until the new stuff wears and then do it right.

    Source(s): Hardwood Flooring Contractor Minneapolis, St.Paul, Minnesota
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