Is an Online College a Good Idea for Me to Break into IT like I have Always Wanted to do?

I have primarily worked in the residential/commercial real estate/development industry. However, during that time I have been part of a software implementation involving JD Edwards (now PeopleSoft or Oracle?) and part of website design/maintenance. I loved it! No matter where I work, I'm always drawn towards IT. The fact of the matter is that the economy tanked, I was laid off, and happened to have a child at the same time. My life is upside down, but I know that I still want to work in IT. Where do I begin? I have an Associates in Marketing. I was looking into getting my BA in IT with Western Governors University online. I enjoyed web design, but feel that that is not going to be in demand in the future with the templates they have out now and will improve upon. All my networks/contacts are in the real estate/development industry. I have been unable to obtain IT contacts. The ones I've worked with have been so withdrawn as if I was going to steal their secrets and then their jobs right out from under them. Anyway, I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to begin my path and what emphasis is best to head down? I hear Security will be in high demand. What mentality is best for that type of work and how hard is it to get into with the security clearances needed?

PS - I'm also living in a rural area not too outrageously far from DC, but what IT jobs are best for telecommuting?

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    You won't have any problem breaking in to IT. There is such a high demand for technicians and programmers, companies will be knocking on your door before you have your degree in hand.

    If you do your courses online I recommend you stay employed while doing so. I was employed while I got my degree, but my employer would not hire me for another position and I applied for many openings. They wouldn't give me the job because I had no experience. (Go figure?) Did I mention I worked for a school district??

    I went to college with a computer programmer who worked at home.

    As for contacts, keep the ones you have and see if the college has job placement. I think you will do well, especially with the demand for good IT personnel. Good luck!

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