why do certain people think they have the right to tell other people what should or shouldn't offend them?

why can't they just admit that they don't care and don't feel like hearing about it

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  • 1 decade ago
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    they can.t even answer you,i was looking for unanswered for points.you,ll get one of my great answers,they THINK they have the right ,because they are better than you..IN THEIR OWN MINDS..i guarantee the people that complain about porn ,,would make the romans blush it you saw what THEY DO>>they are oh-so- special preaching about morality and how morals have eroded.really??look at history instead of blowing hot air on to an already overheated earth,,f,,,this,,f,,,,,them..they don,t like it,don,t look.you don,t want to hear it?don,t listen.these people must remember ,the world isn,t their,s alone,it,s everyone,s.i don,t like hypocrites morality so i avoid church,i don,t go out on a limb to stifle them...you get it yet??in my book most are lost..that is why the truth hurts.thank you.the first great question in a week.bless you byeee

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