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iPHONE 4, when is the release date (CANADA)?

hey when is the release date for CANADA

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    No date has been announced. The last rumor i saw was July 23d. I'm not counting on it.

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    There has been no announced release date as of yet. But expect sometime after mid-July for a pre-order & sometime in late July for a release.

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    Apple stated a vague release date of "sometime in July (of 2010)", but no specific release date has been released. You should be seeing it in the near future however.

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    i'm sorry, yet in accordance to Rogers, there is is not any somewhat launch dates or pricing available as of now. I subscribed to Rogers information letter and that's what they informed me. additionally they mentioned they are going to be sending greater information as quickly as they comprehend. I additionally registered to Telus information letter and by no skill gained something yet. Sorry for that. I additionally crave to renowned the launch date, yet we are able to could wait a sprint greater. wait and notice, what all of us comprehend is that it comes by using the tip of July on worst case.

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    You don't need iphone. it is waste of money! Trust me.

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