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Who is Kylie Minogue?

1、where this person comes from?

2、How you konw about this person?

3、why this person is famous and explain why you admire this person?

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    1. Melbourne, Australia

    2. Child actress on Australian TV

    3. She's famous for her Dance/Pop music and I admire Kylie for her music. She's a fab Dance/Pop artist.

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    Kylie Minouge is the princess of pop. Born in Melbourne, Australia Kylie rose to fame through her role on Neighbors (An Australian soap opera). In 1988 Kylie released her debut album, Kylie, along with the the single "The Loco-motion" rising to international fame. The following year she released her sophmore album Enjoy Yourself.

    Unfortunately, her recognition here in the States cooled off a little in the 90's, but in that time she released 4 albums. In 2000 came her album Light Years. The single "Spinning around" gained her some footing once again in the united states (Well, I remember it playing on the radio a couple of times, then again I was 9 that year lol)

    The following year Ms Minogue released Fever and the single "Cant get you out of my head" was wildly successful on an international level. She once again was a household name in the US and had proven her longevity as an international popstar allowing her to have at least 1 #1 single in 3 consecutive decades (Only other artist to do so is Madonna.) Body Language followed with great success overseas but not climbing the charts in the US. Her 2007 album X sold less than expected in the united states but her US tour that came with it (Her first US tour) was highly successful.

    In just a couple of days (on July 10th) Kylie will release her 11th studio album to the US. Aphrodite has proven itself an amazing album (it is among my favorite albums) and her single "All the Lovers" has already began climbing the charts in the United States. I hope for success with the album in the states... i was to see Kylie on MTV again.

    Kylie is often called Europes Madonna (Though she has proven her worth and I dont think she needs to be compaired to another artist) And is easily a multiplatinum artist. She is the first artist to create their own social networking site (kyliekonnect.com) and has had respectable success dabbling in acting.

    I guess Im done rambling... Go to Kylie.com and Im sure it will give you a good idea of who she it.

    Source(s): A US Kylie fan wishing Aphrodite success
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    She's a singer from Melbourne, Australia.

    Songs: "I Should Be So Lucky", "Locomotion", "It's No Secret", and "Got to Be Certain".

    She's had at least two albums that I know of, but I've heard of her since at least 1988.

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    Soap-star, now pop singer since 1987. Song 'I should be so lucky'.

    Her sister Danni is a singer too.

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    She belongs to the big bottom on the posters

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