Which Bucking Bull has the highest active rating in Bull Riding and Rodeo?

Which current active Bucking Bull is the highest rated among all the Major PRO Rodeo and Pro bull riding circuits?

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    29 Cochise is the PBR, PRCA, and CBR's highest ranked bull and is owned by Henry Ranch from Gonzales, LA. Cochise is not only the highest ranked active bucking bull by probullstats.com, but he is also the only bucking bull in history to earn a "Triple Crown." In 2007 Cochise earned major titles in all 3 pro bull riding world finals including: PBR World Finals where he was the Champion Bull of the 4th round, CBR World Finals where he became the Champion Bounty Bull, National Finals Rodeo where he became Bull of the Finals. Cochise is also the first and only bucking bull in history to compete at all 3 World Finals in the same year in Las Vegas, NV. In 2008, Cochise became CBR Bull of the Year, as well as Bull of CBR World Finals, and Reserve Champion Bull of the NFR. In 2009, Cochise became Reserve Champion Bull of the Year in the CBR and Reserve Champion Bull of the Finals at the CBR World Finals. Cochise has a lot more accomplishments. You can check him out at henrybullranch.com

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    The PRCA top ranked bucking bull is Camo. A harry vold stock contracting comanie bull. Hope I helped.

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