Fighting With Neighbor who thinks she owns the entire parking lot of a town house/apt type of homes?

Ok so im asking for advice for wat i should do.. people tell me i need to get a lawyer but i cant afford one..

so heres what have been going on for over a year now! i live in a town house witch is kinda like an apt building type of deal were there is 4 different homes in 1. there is a lady who has 3 parking places and uses 2 of them. everyone else has 0. she remodeled the entire parking place with gardens and wat not so there is only those 3 parking spots. b.c of that... we my fam moved in this place to buy about a year ago and have 3 cars with 0 parking. there is 4 garages side by side like apt ones connected to the houses, everyone has 1 garage. all of the garages have doors to get in from there homes besides ours cause we have a bigger yard and live in the back. were u have to walk down a path way to get to. we confronted this lady and she says that she owns the hole parking lot which should be bs cause they wouldnt build a complex with 4 homes and only give 1 home the parking lot. she showed us the grid and bam she was right my first thought was those had to be fake or some crap. so i researched and they wasnt fake the grid had to have been messed up after it was done and made. also her home is on top of all the garages hints the grid showed that she owned all the garages so wat she says. witch is so bs so b/c of this grid mess up she says i grant u permsion to park in front of the garage that we use cause aperently there all hers. the grid doesnt really show the garages but here gride is on top of then and it doesnt specify who ownes wats under her home hints the garages.'

so im asking wth should i do....

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  • 10 years ago
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    If her place is above the garages, then obviously the plans will show her place above the garages. That does NOT MEAN she owns them. Imagine a plan for a big apartment block. You have the top floor condo. Does that mean all the condos below yours also belong to you? Of course not! Also it is not likely the garages would belong to HER but have inside doors going to the OTHER peoples' townhouses.

    What belongs to who depends on the LAW.... that is, what was described, in detail, as being theirs when they bought the place, and what appears on their title to the place.

    First of all, if your family DID buy the place, get out all the documents and see what they say. Check up on them what your local authority is, and go in there to check out the documents they have. This would have to show the lots correctly, if the development was done legally. They might charge qa small fee,or do it for nothing, and might give yoiu some advice, if you ask nicely.

    Then there MUST be some kind of communal committee, some kind of management where everyone contributes towards the upkeep of the common areas, roof repairs etc. Of course this lady is sure to be on the committee, if not the president of it. In any case, you can find a Better Business Bureau or Google for Homeowner and Condominium Associations in your city or county or State. They might be able to give you more advice on your specific situation. In some cases they may provide free legal advice, at least to get you started.

    If you are only renting, take this up with the owner of the place, or the real estate agent handling the rental for them.

    IN any case don't expect to ever be friends with this woman; she sounds very selfish.

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  • 10 years ago

    Who owns the property? Do you rent or do you own? If you own and it is a townhouse, is there an association that you pay dues to?

    If this lady owns the entire property and you rent, she can make up the rules so long as they are in writing and you knew about them before you moved in or you received notice in writing of any changes.

    If this lady DOES NOT own the entire property and you either rent or own, you may have rights to the usage of certain community property or have the right to personal use, the parking spot.

    If you purchased this property with full disclosure and you are being denied the use of YOUR property, you have a case. If you did not receive full disclosure, you probably had a bad lawyer (assuming you own/purchased this property) and may also have a course of remediation.

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  • jr2007
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    10 years ago

    Check exactly what property you are entitled too. If she is invading your space, then call the police. If not, then sorry and better look for parking somewhere else or move out!!!

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