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Why is Phillies pitcher JA Happ demoted to minors?

J.A. Happ is my favorite Phillies player. I love the guy! And the phillies are really missing him. So happ hurt his fore arm he was out for a month and now is in the minors. He is in no pain but Ruben Amaro is keeping him in the minors! He says Happ needs to build up his arm strength... it's not the first month of the season it's the almost the half way point and the Phillies are 4 games back of the Braves. The Phills have a huge DL list including star 2nd basemen Chase Utely and 3rd basemen Polonco. The phillie need as much as help as they can to catch up to the braves and mets. So why the heck would you keep sportingcast rookie of the year down in the minors when your major team needs some serios help!? Also why is Kyle Kendrick going to the bullpen when Happ comes back and not Joe Blanton?? Joe Blanton has been very inconsistent and just not good he has a 7.21 ERA and he's a starter!!!! Kyle Kendrick has a 4 somethin era so what the heck is going through Ruben Amaro's head??


I know he's been injured he's had 3 or 2 minor league starts and yah he has not been great but look at Joe Blantons era and Kendricks and many bull pen pitchers they hve worse eras but Happ is still in the minors??

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    He wasn't demoted, he's rehabbing. Happ recently got off the DL and after a few minor league starts, he should be back in the rotation.

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    Happ had a 6.58 ERA in his rehab starts, so the team wants him to work out problems in his delivery before bringing him up.

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    Sometimes pitchers just need to take some time off and play down in the minors.

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