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is Chase a good bank?

I have Bank of America and I hate it! They're legendary for over drafting me without letting me know my account is empty. And customer service sucks. I see Chase banks everywhere in NY more than BoA. Is it a good bank?

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    All banks are the same.

    If you don't have money in your account - they will hit you hard with fees.

    Stay with bank of america - just make sure you never, ever, never, ever overdraft again.

    It is up to you to keep at least one full pay check in your checking account.

    And you must also keep a check register in case banks make mistakes - you will know.

    Also, you must have at least 6 months worth of living expenses in a savings account tied to your checking.

    No one should live without this.

    Credit unions- not as good of service - few atms - and if you overdraft they are likely to kick you out.

    If you have excell google

    "free excell check register worksheet".


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    I hate Chase, I quit all my accounts with them and went to Wells Fargo. I don't like Wells either, but they are better than Chase.

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