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What are the laws involving using song lyrics and movie quotes in a book you publish?

I tried calling free legal advice but no luck so far, I'm hoping to publish a book with several favorite movie quotes and song lyrics thruout the book. Citing the source is no problem but I'm unclear on the copyright laws about it?


Followup question: How to ask permission; who do I ask or email?

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    Movie quotes are basically quotes from the script and last I checked, no one has been sued for scripts so you might be safe. If you plan on publishing with a publisher, an editor might help you. If it's fiction for fun on the internet, just use a disclaimer.

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    You have to seek permission for the song lyrics - the copyright is owned by the lyricist, so you may not reproduce them or quote from them without permission.

    I don't know what the situation is with movie quotes, sorry.

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    well i don't see anything wrong with doing that i did it in one of my old stories i wrote.

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