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Does the ancient city of El Yafri really exist?

I'm reading a book which briefly mentions an ancient city called El Yafri, where there are ruins made from enormous stone blocks, similar to the megaliths at Baalbek. The book describes how H. St. John Philby passed within a couple hundred miles of this place, and met people who had seen it, but it was forbidden for him to go and explore it. This ancient city would be in the Rub' al Khali or Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula. The author, writing in 1970, speculates that one day satellites might photograph this lost city.

Is there any evidence that this place exists? Has it been found by satellites, or is the author just making this up?


It's a book that purports to be nonfiction but the author seems willing to believe anything if it's even tangentially related to aliens communicating with people. The title is Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric Times to the Present, by Jacques Bergier. It's similar to some of the shows I've seen on the History Channel lately, where they claim that anything ancient that was difficult to make must have been made by aliens.

Update 2:

Ratz: Thanks for the Wikipedia article, at the bottom I see that Philby did indeed write a book about the Empty Quarter. It may be mentioned somewhere in that book.

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    Google pulls up nothing. What kind of book is this -- fiction? it's probably made up. Interesting, I did not realize H. St. John Philby was Kim Philby's (the notorious spy) father.

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    I couldn't find any references to El Yafri that were in English except ones that were referring to H. P. Lovecraft - not a good sign for it being real, but doesn't guarantee anything. Could be just a myth, but can't write it off entirely just yet.

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    I know where it is

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