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In Alberta Canada, how long must you?

work at your employer in order to get Maternity leave? The old law used to be you must have worked for a 52 weeks before you are approved for maternity leave, but now i have heard that they changed the rules, but cannot find it on any websites. Please does anybody know?

I am 10 weeks pregnant and i'm starting a new job this week, and i would like to know.

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    In Canada, you are entitled to Employment Insurance Benefits as long as you have worked 600 hrs at ANY job in 52 weeks. If you worked a different job every month you would still be entitled to benefits through Service Canada as long as you worked 600hrs in total. They will support financially for 52 weeks, the amount depends on how much money you made over the last 52 weeks.

    As for benefits through your employer I am not sure it all depends on THEIR policy. Best to read up on the employee's handbook or policy manual.

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