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Ca + Cl2 ---> CaCl2 percent yield?


can you show me how to find the answer to number one on the "percent yield" page?

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    Ca + Cl2 → CaCl2

    1.0mol of Ca and 1.00 mol of Cl2 were present as reactants.

    Only 106 g of CaCl2 is produced.

    What is the percent yield?

    Ca + Cl2 → CaCl2

    This balanced equation states that 1 mole of Ca will react with 1 mole of Cl2 to produce 1 mole of CaCl2.

    1 mole of Ca = 40.1 grams

    1 mole of Cl2 = 2 * 35.5 = 71.0 grams of Cl2

    So, 40.1 + 71.0 = 111.1 grams of CaCl2 should have been produced!!

    Since only 106 grams of CaCl2 was produced, the percent yield =

    % yield = (106 ÷ 111.1) * 100 = 95.41%

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    pls help me

    In which of the following reactions do oxidation and reduction occur. (15 pts.)

    a. 2CO + O2-------------------------2CO2

    b. Mg + H2SO4---------------- H2 + MgSO4

    c. CaCl2 + NaCO3--------------------CaCO3 + NaCl

    d. H20 + SO2 --------------------H2SO3

    e. H2 + S-----------------H2SO3

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