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hey. what is the best SSD for windows 7?

i just got my new desktop. i built it.

i have only one 1TB hard drive. so i would like to buy a SSD for windows 7 only.

1. what is the best SSD?

a. fast?

b. lifespan?

c. how much do i need GB for windows 7?

i dont care about the price :)

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    Other World Computing has just released some house-branded drives with 3 and 5 year warranties and data access and throughput speeds that make other brands of SSD look slow in comparison (though most every SSD released in the last year is amazingly fast). As far as installation goes, Windows 7, WIndows Vista, OS X Snow Leopard, OS X Leopard, and most every distro of Linux can fit comfortably on a 30 GB drive with a couple of other installed programs, but it you play a lot of different games, you're going to want at least a 120 GB drive so you're not constantly doing the file swapout shuffle between your backup hard drive and your SSD.

    Also, you'll need a SSD mounting adapter if your case doesn't have any 2.5" drive bays.

    Source(s): <7% over-provisioned models (more storage, less warranty) <28% over-provisioned models (less storage, more warranty)
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