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What happens after your 3rd year of be a pro in NHL 10 when your level entry contract ends?

I got drafted to the Tampa bay lightning, I am on my third year and I'm just wondering if your agent makes you resign or do you get contracts offered to you by other teams?

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    Idk I haven't gotten that far yet but I tell you if the Avs don't move me up past the 3rd line before my contract is up I am so outta here, first chance I get. It's ridiculous, I have 40 goals in 28 games and I'm on the 3rd line.

    *calls agent*

  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    Being an NHL player during the season, when I'm not playing the games, I'm practicing and working out. I wouldn't have as much time for my friends and family. I'd probably flat out just want the $60 million, especially because I'm not a loser who's going to blow it on six houses, ten cars, and end up bankrupt. I would probably live a modest, though very comfortable lifestyle and give a lot of it to charity. With that much money, I would be set for life, and instead of having a job I would just volunteer and help others every day. I think that's very fulfilling. I also wouldn't have a lavish lifestyle. It's just not me. But I would be able to afford season tickets and travel around Europe, which I would LOVE to do. I don't really need the fame of an NHL player. I'd rather just watch my favorite team play :)

  • 10 years ago

    i have the game i think u chosse to get resigned or go somewhere else

  • 10 years ago

    i dont know!!!

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