can anybody get me club penguin cheats?


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    There aren't any cheats for that game, and even if there were exploits, they'd probably ban you from the server. Also, any cheats you've seen in videos or on pictures online are likely to have been patched and made impossible to do now.

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    Hi Mike ;)

    I think this will be helpful

    Series 5 Cheats

    1. Series 5 Cheats for Club Penguin, or Treasure Book Cheats as they're also known, are cheats that work around the Series 5 games from Club Penguin. Series 5 sends you on an adventure through a storybook, also known as a Treasure Book. There are certain things hidden within the game and, unless you know what you're looking for or where to look, you'll miss out. When you get to the second page of the book, look behind the trees and you'll find a skier, which unlocks a rock outfit. Click on the fish you find on the fourth page, and you'll unlock a ballerina outfit. When you reach page six, select the snowflake at the top of the screen and you get an elf suit.


    2. Every month, Club Penguin releases a new catalog, and, like the books, there are hidden objects located inside each one. Many people simply click on everything in the catalog, until they release all the hidden objects, but you can avoid this, if you know where to look. Take for example the Halloween catalog released in October of 2009, which you can find on the Club Penguin website. When you select the rocks sitting on top of the iron gates, you'll win a Puffle Jack-O-Lantern. Then when you reach the Creepy Cottage Cut-Out, press the lights and you'll get a cauldron. You can also get an LCD television by clicking the first Jack-O-Lantern in the catalog and a Goofy Jack-O-Lantern by selecting the tombstone. Other cheats include clicking the stove to win a refrigerator and selecting the ticket booth to win a piano. These cheats and prizes are hidden inside every catalog released in Club Penguin.

    Padlock Cheat

    3. When you're actually playing the Club Penguin game, enter the coffee shop. Follow the stairs up to the second floor and follow the hallway around until you reach the last room. Locate the padlock pin, which is sitting on the left, near the bottom of a bookshelf. When you click on the padlock, you're given the option of picking it up. This is a hidden item that many people can't find because it's not one of the common pins. Most pins cost Club Penguin coins to purchase, even the hidden ones, which makes this even more special.

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    type up in google "club penguin cheats"

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    club penguin doesn't have cheats. you can hack it though...

    although there are lots of websites that have walkthroughs, hidden items, and stuff. heres one of them:

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    this isnt somewhat a cheat yet not that many peeps understand this: if u pass to the coffee save and pass upstairs to the bookroom and click on rockhoppers magazine and pass the long long thank you to the final website then click on the main u gets the main!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how completely outstanding is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! additionally if u pass to the tip of rockhopper and the stowaway and click on the bracelet u will b able 2 positioned on it. my username is Kool KoKo13 what's urs?

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    What sort of cheats?

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