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Did you see the interview Charles Bolden (head of NASA) gave to Al Jazeera?

He said he was asked by Obama to make Muslim countries feel better about their contribution to Science and Math.

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    Frank Gaffney, the President of the Center for Security Policy, has weighed in on President Obama's new assignment for NASA:

    Clearly, we are talking far less about outer space than we are about providing feel-good psychobabble to a portion of "inner space" that is on the whole far from congenial to the West in general, not just the United States of America. And this, at the moment when the old space shuttle (which had 1970s technology) is being retired and America is about to become dependent on Russian launchers to put its astronauts into space. I have realized this about President Obama: He is even more obsessed with being obsequious to Muslim countries than I realized. Until the last couple days, I had no inkling that he would make this "mission" part of NASA's purview. Heaven knows what he will think of next in this regard.

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    At the end of the interview, after the cameras were off, he tried to

    give a gift to the Al Jazeera interviewer. It was a space-suited

    doll with the face of Allah inside the helmet.

    Last I heard, they then proceeded to cut off Bolden's head.

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    Yes, and to think that their learning how to make rockets that are capable of leaving our atmosphere is good for the US has me scratching my head. If they can compete with us in space, then why not turn those rockets that we help them develop into ballistic missiles aimed at the US. We should be protecting our technology, not giving it to rogue nations.

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    Muslim science and math:

    Science: Bomb belts and IEDs

    Math: Body counts.

    Thanks a lot

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    There's nothing strange about that interview. Are you all crazy?

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    Yes, he said Obama ordered him to be "nice" to muslims..

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    It is so bizarre I don't know how to process it.

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    This is total lunacy!!

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