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Fun Tricks To Do in a Pool?

(flips, somersaults, cannonballs, etc.)

Except the butterfly, or making your bottom touch the pool ground.

:D Thanks. I need answers ASAP.

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    the washamachine

    this is done with 2 people

    you hold hands and one person goes under the others legs (feet first) and the other does a frunt flip over them.

    anouther is the human ball! really really fun but takes practice!

    this is done with 2 people.

    the first person does a handstand right un frunt of the other person and honds on the the their ancles. the person standing up holds onto the person doing the handstands ancles.

    now, the person standing up dives down( still holding the other persons acles) and is now doing a handstand and the other is standing up.

    i know its confusing, im sorry. i dont know anyother way to explaine it.

    but if you practice you can do this accross a whole pool!

    its really fun but time consuming.

    have fun!

    Source(s): i have a pool and can do lots of things.
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